Home School Update (by Sir Scooters)


Hello!!  How are you guys?  I hope well!!  I’m here tonight to give you an update.  It’s been a while since Mommy started our lessons, so she asked me if I would tell y’all how we’re doing and I said, “Of course!”


First of all, I still love my language lessons!  I listen attentively as Mommy labels the pictures.  And then I enthusiastically label them back.




And truth be told, I rarely get distracted.




Is it edible?


Whoops.   I’m back! :)


Now let’s see… What else was I going to tell you?…..


Oh yes! My brother is doing really well with his lessons, too! Things were getting a little dicey at one point when his reading lessons started getting harder and Bubbers began losing motivation to work. So Mommy took it up a notch and made a visual schedule to go with the lessons and introduced the opportunity to earn rewards. After that, Bubbers was willing to apply himself again and really took off.

Now, every week night after I go to bed, they have my brother’s lessons…


First, Bubbers hauls in his rewards: Jelly Bellies.


Then he and Mommy settle down in the living room for a short reading lesson.


And boy is he doing well!


He’s got decoding down pat and his blending gets better every day.  Way to go, Bubbers!!


After that, he heads into the family room to have a lesson with Daddy.  He gets to choose between a Spanish lesson or a math lesson.


This time he chose to have a Spanish lesson and Daddy taught him how to name his special friends in Spanish. :)

PICT0086 edited big

If Daddy’s at school, then Bubbers gets a writing lesson with Mommy.

PICT0089 edited big

He really loves “writing” the letters he learns in his reading lessons.

PICT0095 edited big

And if he’s really feeling snazzy…..

PICT0110 edited big

…..  He sets aside the model and makes the letters from memory!

After lessons, he lays on the floor to chat with Mommy and Daddy and eat the Jelly Bellies he’s earned.  It’s a very special time for them all.


Hey, wait a second…..  Did I just say that Bubbers gets to eat Jelly Bellies while I’m sawin’ logs at night?


Hmmm, you know what?  I should probably be a little peeved about that.


That’s right!  I think I AM a little peeved about that!!


Ha!  That was fun, I’ll have to try it again someday.

Well, folks…  I think that’s it for now!


Good night!! :)

6 thoughts on “Home School Update (by Sir Scooters)

  1. That’s so wonderful Heidi!! It looks like you have a LOT of the same programs that we use at home with the kids. Are you choosing to homeschool permanently? There are some great LDS Homeschooling communities out there. I’m getting together with mine tomorrow! :)


  2. OH I love this post! Scooter is so adorable! And it looks like your homeschooling is going really well!! You are such good parents:)

  3. Those cute boys are so lucky to get such educational lessons from their parents, it’s awesome.

  4. Wow, you are such an awesome mommy! Those kids are so blessed to have you and Charming. :)

    And holy smokes, is Scooters C-U-T-E!! I just love love love his fluffy hair and delicious chubby cheeks! :D

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