Tweet! (and the joint bath)


Hey Scooters, that’s a good lookin’ ducky you got there.


Thanks, Bubbers!   It’s tasty, too.


Oh!  Hello Everyone!  Mommy wanted us to announce that she is now “tweeting” on her sidebar, so you can see little tidbits from our day.


Uh… Is that right, Mommy?

[Yup!   That’s right!]


Oh man does that sound silly!!  But, there you have it!! :)




This was our very first bath together with Scooters sitting up.  Holy smokes is he cute!!


And he really loves to eat his arm.


And his toes.


Ack! Who bit me?!?

P1010326 lint fixed edited

Watch out, Toe Biter.  Next time you won’t escape so easily–mwahahaha!!!

3 thoughts on “Tweet! (and the joint bath)

  1. Wow, you’ve joined Twitter too? Someday I will reclaim my life and find time to do things again:) In the meantime, LOVE all the tub pics – I love brothers in the bath!!

  2. Baby is getting so big! Jonah gets baths with Elora and Josh, but I sit on the side and hold him….he’s not close to sitting yet!

  3. So fun to watch them bathe. That picture of Scooters in the blanket should win some kind of award.

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