Would you take a look at this… (by Sir Scooters)

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Look everyone!!  I’m sitting in my very first grocery cart ever!!!

For a few weeks now, Mommy’s been planning on trying this out and last Friday was THE DAY.  She was so excited!  She told Bubbers all about how I was going to sit next to him and how much fun it would be!

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And boy was it!!!  Mommy smiled and giggled the entire time.  And then when she just couldn’t stand it any longer, she’d reach out and squeeze us both in a big group hug!


And then Bubbers got into the spirit of things, too!


We have so much fun together.


“Fun?  What fun?  We’re not having any fun–promise!”




Raspberries all around!!!


Mommy really couldn’t get enough of looking at her cart full of little men and groceries for little men.


Then it was time for hoods again and loading up in the car.


“Here you go, Scooters,” said Bubbers.

“Aack!  What is that?!?” cried Scooters.


“Oh.  It’s food.  Why didn’t you say so, big bro?”


**Compulsively distracted**


“Here, I’ll help you out, little bro.”




Thanks, Bubbers!  That was the perfect ending to my first ride in a grocery cart.

4 thoughts on “Would you take a look at this… (by Sir Scooters)

  1. Loved the “grocery cart chronicles!” You are awesome, I love how you capture every little adorable detail of each precious moment! Takes me back and gives me fond memories of when I could set my two little cuties side by side in the wonderful Costco carts! Those days are over now, I can barely get Joshua in the front seat of the cart anymore as, “those are for babies and I am a big boy now mommy!” *sigh* I will just live vicariously through the adventures of your little ones…..it does go by so quickly!

  2. Wow, they have grocery carts that hold two kids! I need one of those. All we have are the big car ones (at certain stores) and they are very awkward to push around. What a big boy!

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