California: The family photo shoot

The day before we left my parents’ house in California, I asked my parents if we could all take some semi-formal family pictures.  My parents happily complied and it started out great…..


They were lovely, well-behaved subjects, so I asked if we could add our two boys to the mix.


So, we did.  And they were all lovely, well-behaved subjects.


Except the Snuggles-meister.  As you can see, my mother had to keep him standing to get him to look at me.  Because if she sat him on her lap…..


…..  He was drawn to his Grandpa like a moth to a flame!


“Hello, flame!  I love you!”


Then it was time for our turn with the boys.  And the Snuggles-meister lasted about ten seconds.


Before finding a new flame.

“Hello, new flame!”


**Baby launches self from mother’s lap**


So we bagged it and got back to business.

2 thoughts on “California: The family photo shoot

  1. Those photos turned out really well from the new camera. Sir Snuggles thought it was a video instead of a still shot!

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