6 Months Old: And taking his rightful place at the table

Day One:

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Hm?  What’s this?  I’ve never sat in one of these before…..

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What’s that, Mommy?

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Did you say it’s dinner time?

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And I get to sit up here and eat with everyone else?!?

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Oh man, I love dinner time!

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Eh?  What’s that, Bubbers?

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“I’m sorry to break it to you, but that bib’s not your dinner. Rice cereal is your dinner,” Bubbers explains from atop his trayless booster seat (for the very first time!).

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‘Rice cereal’? Hm….. Sounds good.

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On second thought.

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I prefer the bib.

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It just keeps coming!!

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Oh, Daddy!

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Can’t you make it stop, Daddy?  Can’t you make it stop?!

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Mommy?  Can you make it stop?

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“Oh, Snuggles!  You’re doing such a good job!  You’re such a good little eater.”

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Oh, Ma!

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“Oh, Snuggles!  You’re breaking my heart with all these faces!  We’re really not trying to kill you.”

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How can that be true?

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“You silly boy!  Here, open up!”

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I still think what I thunk before.

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I prefer the bib.


Day Two:

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Oh no, not again!

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Hey now…..

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Hold the phone…..

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I like it!!!! I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Naw, I’m just teasin’.

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I like green eggs and ham.

PICT0046 edited small

I do!

PICT0035 edited small

I like it Sam-I-am!!!!

7 thoughts on “6 Months Old: And taking his rightful place at the table

  1. What fun, great pictures! Snuggles faces made me laugh! And Bubbers looks so big in the booster! How neat that you all get to sit at the table and eat together as a family. I was thinking about it, and remembered that Jack much preferred oatmeal cereal to rice cereal.

  2. Oh my gosh !!! Love those silly faces. I showed Hannah, and she was cracking up ! That is so funny and cute.

  3. my babies never like the rice cereal. We always discontinue it ina month or less, or at least mix it with baby food because they hate it so much. They’re always very eager to eat anything else though!

  4. Priceless photos really makes me smile with all those faces he is pulling.
    He will have the eating down to a fine art in no time.

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