Summer Series: Our new park (by the Bubbers King)

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It is time, my friends, to finally show you our new park.

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Don’t worry–it’s not far!  Only one house away from our house.

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And if anyone tries to mess with us, Daddy and I have our sticks.

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So let’s go see what’s happened to our park (waaaay back at the beginning of 2009, when I was only 22 months old).

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My dear Daddy just came home from work and joined us in our visit.

Daddy takes me to our park a lot and I love it.  (Especially now that it gets dark so early and we get to take a flashlight with us!!!)

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Holy smokes alive–would you look at that!

With our old buck-a-bout removed, and a new bridge installed (by using a wonderful ‘Nona!’), and the gravel pushed to the sides, our neighborhood was prepared for a guided installation of new playground toys!!

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Oh my goodness.

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*A moment of silence is observed*

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This is going to be great!

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We have slides now!

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That I can go down with my Daddy!

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And then go back to do it again…..

PICT0242 edited small

….. With a little help!

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Hee, hee, hee!  I love this!

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No way!  We have a new turtle!

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And just think–in a few short months, I’ll be able to climb on and off this thing all by myself.

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Oh good!  We still have our old digger.

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It just wouldn’t be the same without our old digger.

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Oh good!  We still have puddles, too!

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Ha!  It wouldn’t be home around here without puddles. :)

PICT0179 edited cropped big

Or a tennis net.

PICT0180 edited small

[Oh my heart, how little he looks and how fast he’s grown!]

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Look at this, guys!  I’m back at the playground again and trying out our new swing set!

PICT0209 edited small

*A moment of silence is observed as Mommy contemplates the cuteness of her used-to-be-one-year-old son and his adorable legs*

*A second moment of silence is interrupted by Daddy who says, “We need to take a picture of him just like that every year from now on.”*

*A third moment of silence is interrupted by Mommy who says, “I completely agree.”*

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Ha!  Daddy’s using the swing!!

PICT0226 edited small

That’s crazy!!

PICT0266 edited small

“Hm?  Whatchya talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

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Boy, oh boy!  That was so fun.  I love our new park and I’m so glad we have it so close.  Thank you to all those who worked so hard to get it for me and all the other children in our neighborhood–we are so grateful!

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Now it’s back to home with our sticks.

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But you know what? The fun doesn’t end there!

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Later on, they repainted the old dinosaur and then…..

PICT0007 edited small

….. They built me a train track to the new bridge!!!!

PICT0008 edited small

So now I can ride Thomas straight from our garage to the park without getting stuck on any grass!!!

Holy smokes. The only thing that could possibly make this any better is if, say, I had two cheeks full of potty-training jelly bellies.

PICT0005 edited

“Hm? Whatchya talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

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