Giving Thanks (by Sir Snuggles)


Mom?…..  Is this thing on?

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[It sure is!  Go ahead whenever you’re ready, Snuggles.]

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Ha!   Let me try that again…..  Hi Everyone!!!

It’s Sir Snuggles here, excited to report on my first Thanksgiving ever.

Oh!  And it was also the first full-fledged turkey-and-all-the-fixin’s Thanksgiving my parents have ever prepared by themselves since they’ve had children.  And it was so fun!!

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Mommy had no idea how fun cooking could be when you do it with someone you love (especially when you’re both working together for the higher purpose of Thanksgiving).


Not to mention the joy of another someone else wanting to be part of it, too.


With his adorably cute concentration and determination.

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“Wook, Mommy!  We’re feeding him!  Daddy, may I feed him?  Pweeeeease?”

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“Wook, Mommy!!  I’m feeding him!…..  He’s gwad he’s dead.”

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“May I have some more snowfwakes, pwease?”

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“Ooooh, wook at awwwwww those snowfwakes!!”

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“Wook! I disappeared!  Now nobody knows who stow awwwww those snowfwakes!”

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Mommy also loved using books from the library to teach us about why we have Thanksgiving.


And when Daddy read this one, it made Mommy cry right in the middle of my diaper change!

This Thanksgiving was also our first exposure to….. bones.

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Awww, the wish bone! (Daddy and Bubbers did it a few days later and it brought back so many childhood memories for Mommy. *sigh* How fun!)

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There was also much drumming with…. the drumsticks.

Not to mention the inevitable:



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Uh….. No comment.



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After that, I went to sleep for one of my many beloved naps.  But!  I woke up just in time…..

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….. To watch everyone eat it!

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*sigh* It was perfect.   Just perfect.  Being together all day long and filling the house with wonderful smells.  Then sharing it as a family as we filled our hearts with gratitude for our bounteous blessings.

Daddy was grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our family.  Mommy was thankful for the Gospel and Jesus Christ who made it possible for our cherished family to be together forever.  Bubbers was grateful for Daddy (and then me and Mommy).  And I was so thankful to be here–a treasured part of my family!

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And then.


Daddy chased me!

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*sigh* What a wonderful day!

I hope yours was wonderful, too!!!


Sir Snuggles


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Look!  You can see my new teeth!!!!

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  1. Snuggles is sure growing up so fast! Was it wierd to have a very small thanksgiving? There’s another children’s book that is WONDERFUL called Squanto. I never knew the whole story about him.

  2. This was the first year we didn’t just have it at our house! His teeth are so cute! And, “he’s glad that he’s dead!” Haha.

  3. I love sharing your thanksgiving. It looks like you guys had a great day! Thanks for comenting on my blog, your word were nice to see!

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