Bubbers is two years old!!!

(Holy smokes–is it already November 20th?!?  Where on earth has this year gone?  Month gone?  Day gone?!?….. Yes, the Bubbers King has been two years old for over 7 months now, but I never did post about his special day, so here you go!)

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Behold: The magical land of inflatable slides and bouncy houses.

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A land made for fathers and sons.

(But not for gestating mothers heavy with child attempting to carry toddlers up steep precipices with meager footholds or squeeze through tiny holes or keep her equilibrium with a wonky center of balance while on a wavering surface… thank goodness for non-gestating fathers!!).

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Behold: The Bubbers King. Exactly two years old.

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With his father, who stayed home from work to be with us.

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At that time, things were so busy (with all the normal stuff in life plus me pregnant and working part-time, and Charming working (full-time) and going to school (full-time)), that we thought the best way to spend Bubbers’ special day was to take a break from it all and just spend the day together–just the three of us.

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And we started the day with this monstrosity.

(Oh yes.  This slide and I have met before.  During my first naive visit to this place alone with the Bubbers King for a playgroup activity. Why on earth did I ever think I could (or should!) heave my hugely pregnant self and a toddler up that thing??  Not to mention the stream of children shoving past us impatiently or stopping with fear to clog the way while I desperately struggled to keep my footing and the three of us from falling into oblivion? *sigh* A moment in time I will never forget…)

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After that, they tackled this impressive beauty.

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And I contracted apoplexy.

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So they went to enjoy a much tamer beast.

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And I breathed freely.

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And even laughed.

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And cheered!

After that, we sought nourishment at the local Red Robin.  Mm-mm!  We rarely go out to eat, so this was a fun treat.

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How old are you, Son?


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“Actually,” says Daddy, “You’re two now!”

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“Huh… Would you look at that!  I’m two.”

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“Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you!  Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true!  Happy happy birthday, from Red Robin to yoooouuuuuu!!”

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“Do you want a bite of your birthday ice cream sundae??”

“No fanks, Daddy,” he says, “I just want my French fries.”

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“And dese bawoons.”

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“Dat’s aw I need. Dat’s aw.”

After that we went home and played. And that night at dinner…..

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Good ol’ Curious George paid us all a visit.

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“Happy Birthday, dear Buuuuubberrrrrs! Happy Birthday to you!”

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And then! Time for presents. :)

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Happy Birthday, dear Bubbers! We had a such wonderful day with you and we’re so grateful you’re our son!

4 thoughts on “Bubbers is two years old!!!

  1. Glad you guys had such a wonderful day! I cannot believe how fast time flies by! Jasmine is going to be two in a few weeks, and Isaac just turned four. Goodness! Love all the pictures of your super cute Bubbers! :)

  2. Too fun! I went to Jump Planet a couple times when I was pregnant with Jason and man was it tough! I think I went once by myself and Jilly and it was okay, but then again when I was 6 or 7 months along, it was WAY too hard! Luckily, that time Steve was with me (Amen on being thankful for non-gestating fathers!) so he helped Jilly. Yay for Bubbers being 2!! (and then some. ;-))

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