Efan and the Bridge Update (by the Bubbers King)

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Hey Everyone! You’ll never believe this, but I never told you the rest of the bridge story!!

Waaaaaay back in January, I told you how a man with a nona built us a new bridge at our park.

And after it was finished, I just had to check it out…..

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….. Along with my friend Efan.

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Hi, Efan!!

PICT0073 edited cropped

Isn’t he cute??   I really like Efan.  He used to come over every Thursday while his Mommy worked.  His real name is “Ethan”, but at the time these pictures were taken back in January, I still called him “Efan”.

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Wook at dis, Efan!!!

PICT0049 edited

Dis is reaaaawy steep!

PICT0057 edited

Phew!! I made it, but I think I need Mommy’s help to get down the other side.

PICT0075 edited

And look at this! Remember that old buck-a-bout I loved so much?

PICT0074 edited

It’s all gone now.  And in my next update, I’m going to tell you what happens next.

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But first!

PICT0086 edited

The ritual gifting of The Rock.

PICT0084 edited

[A respectful silence is observed].

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And now!  It’s time for…..

PICT0093 edited

….. PUDDLES!!!!!

PICT0104 edited

And peek-a-boo through the tennis nets!

PICT0100 edited

“Ha, ha!  This is great, Bubbers!  Now if only we could find a tennis ball, then we could play a match or two.”

PICT0113 cropped edited

“Well, I’ll be!  What are the chances of that?!”

To be continued…..

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