When I Least Expect It

November 13th, 2009

It always happens when I least expect it.

Like yesterday morning after Bubbers got out of the bathtub.

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We were on my bed laughing and being silly.

And then I reached out and took his little hand to clip his fingernails.

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“Wow, Little Man!” I said, “I guess you were in the tub for a while. Look–you’re all wrinkled up!”

“Hee, hee, hee,” he giggled, “I’m aw wrinkowed up!”

After his fingernails, I reached for his foot to clip his toenails.

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I glanced at the bottom of his foot and then suddenly stopped. My heart skipped a beat and a smile crept into my lips as I gently held his foot and stared.

Instantly, I was there again, laying in that hospital bed full of exhaustion and euphoric joy…..

“Oh, Love,” my husband suddenly laughed with delight, “You have to see his feet!”

“What is it?” I asked with an expectant smile on my face.

I watched as my Prince Charming carefully laid our newborn son across my legs.

Gently, he reached down and held up our son’s feet for me to see the bottoms.

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“He’s Mr. Wrinkle Foot!” my husband laughed.

“Oh!” I exclaimed with surprise.

I laughed along with my husband as I reached out and gently traced the lines etched into the bottoms of my dear baby’s feet.

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As quickly as I left, I was pulled back again.

“Mommy? I’m aw wrinkowed up!” he said again.

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“Yes, you are,” I smiled through the lump in my throat.

HPIM3323 edited

“Yes, you are.”

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Vicki | 11/14/2009 7:05 pm

Very cute. We’ll have to call him “Mr. Wrinkle Foot” for now on!

tearese | 11/16/2009 1:45 pm

Aaaw. Yeah, the other day I did Elora’s hair so her bangs were pulled back, and for a second her face looked just like it did when she was a baby. They grow so fast!

Suzanne | 12/4/2009 3:26 am

Are both of the small feet and larger feet Bubbers. Why do they have to grow so quickly.


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