My Brother (by Sir Snuggles)

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Hi, Everyone! You know what??

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I love my brother!

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He is so kind, loving and thoughtful toward me.

If I ever get upset, he’ll run to me and say in a sweet soothing voice (just like Mommy), “It’s okay, it’s okay….. I’m here, I’m here…..” and gently pats my hand or my belly.  It immediately calms me down and I usually start smiling!

And sometimes he’ll do it just to be kind–even when I’m not upset at all!

Like the time Mommy put us in the car to get us out of the rain and then went to load all our Costco purchases.

When she looked inside the car again, she witnessed this touching scene:

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“It’s all right, Snuggles….. It’s all right.”

And when we’re at home, my brother shows me he loves me in so many ways.

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Like when he lays next to me with my toys.

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Or brings over his blanket and reads books to me in my bouncer.

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Or just lays down on the floor to be near me.  (See my smile??  I love it!)

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He also loves to give me my language lesson.

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Or lay next to me as we admire my hands.

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And one time, he saw me laying on the floor and went and got our family pictures to show me.

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“Wook!” he said to me sweetly.

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“Dis is you, Snuggles!”

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“Dis is you!”

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Another time, he saw me laying on the ground and so he laid down next to me saying…..

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“I’we read you a book, Snuggles, I’w read you a book!”

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And I listened and watched the whole time!

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And some of my favorite times are when he just lays next to me, covers us with his blanket and talks to me.

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We tell each other secrets.

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And laugh together.

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And then all of a sudden…..

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He reaches out…..

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And holds my hand!

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And to think…..

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When Mommy and Daddy first brought me home from the hospital,

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They wondered how Bubbers would react.

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They wondered if he would be okay with having a brother.

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If he would really love and welcome me.

And right from the beginning…..

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….. He did.

The very first week I was home, they realized just what kind of brother Bubbers would be, when I got hungry and fussy and wanted Mommy to hurry up with her shower already.

Nobody noticed that my brother had silently disappeared, until he quietly reappeared and gave me this:

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My favorite binky.

All by himself, my brother had run down the hall to my room.  Searched the top of my dresser for my favorite binky (where he knew it would be).  Then run back down the hall to me.

Mommy and Daddy had smiled with amazement and joy.  And I knew how much God had blessed me to give me such a brother.

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Yes, it is true.

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I love my brother!!

10 thoughts on “My Brother (by Sir Snuggles)

  1. That is just too precious for words! I love how you capture every moment like that with pictures and adorable stories! Makes me want to turn back the clock and do it with my kiddos,….sigh…if only…! I do have some good pics of them together when they were that age though. So priceless those memories!

  2. It was great seeing your two choice sons enjoying each other. Bubbers is awesome with Sir Snuggles.

  3. ah, so sweet! Your baby has the cutest round face! Josh likes to put his hands on the baby’s head and say, “Wiggle wiggle wiggle!” and he calls him baby Jonah. But its Elora who goes to find the pacifier when he’s crying.
    FYI, I got a baby bouncer on Amazon, but I like yours better! Mine has a metal frame in it, and its not form fitting, so JOnah can’t really sit in it yet. :(

  4. What sweet little boys you have. They are going to be great friends. And we could all use friends that love you that much. So cute.

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