My Best Friend

As we pulled into the garage after church this afternoon, Charming turned to me and asked, “Which one of the boys do you want to take inside?”

I paused before answering.

My arms certainly didn’t have a preference of which tasty morsel of cuteness they got to squeeze tight. And I knew that Charming and Snuggles didn’t have a preference either.

So that just left Bubbers.

And I had a feeling that Bubbers did have a preference. A preference that was strong, sudden and likely to change in a couple of hours.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” I finally answered, “Bubbers? Who would you like to take you inside?”

“Mommy,” Bubbers answered.

“Daddy,” he answered again.

“Mommy,” he answered yet again.

“Uh, so who do you want to take you inside?” Charming asked with a chuckle.

Mommy,” he answered with finality and then quietly added, “You’re my best friend.”

My breath caught in my throat and a smile lit my entire being.

“Awwww,” I said as I scooped him out of his new booster car seat.

He encircled my neck with his little arms and pressed his soft cheek against mine.

“Oh, Bubbers,” I softly spoke, “You’re my best friend, too.”

A couple hours later, I came downstairs after putting the Snuggles-man to bed and sat down to dinner next to the Bubbers King.

“Bubbers said he missed you,” Charming smiled over to me.

“Really?” I said and looked down at Bubbers, “I missed you, too!”

He smiled sweetly and we simultaneously reached out to hold hands while we ate.

Bubbers looked up at me, his long lashes framing his dear eyes.

“Mommy, you’re my best friend.”

“Oh, Bubbers.  Thank you…..”

Oct172009_0870 much darker black

“…..  You’re my best friend, too.”

Once upon a time…

PICT0040 edited

….. There was a Bubbers King with cheeks so scrumptious that one day his mother ate them.

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Okay, okay, so maybe that’s not how it really happened.

Let’s try again.

Once upon a time…..

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It was a cold, foggy morning in January.

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And our hero the Bubbers King was only 21 months old.

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“Huh?!?” he suddenly cried out with curiosity.

Through the fog, the Bubbers King heard noises.

PICT0005 edited

Noises coming from the playground.

PICT0009 edited

Noises coming from his Daddy!!

PICT0011 edited

Quickly, the hero approached.

PICT0013 edited

“Hey Bubbers!” his neighbor friend Joshua called out, “I’m glad you’re here!  Come on out and help me shovel this gravel.  We’re getting it ready for our new playground equipment to be installed!  And to tell you the truth, our parents need all the help they can get.”

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This sounds like a job for the Bubbers King, our hero thought as he immediately grabbed a tool and started….. tooling.

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“Wow, thanks for your help!” Joshua said after emptying his over-flowing wheelbarrow, “Oh, and watch out for the Hat Man.”

No sooner were the words out of his mouth then the fog parted…..


….. to reveal the Hat Man!!!!!

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!” the Bubbers King screamed in terror.

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“Oh wait,” he laughed, “It’s just Daddy!”

PICT0035 edited

Immediately, the Bubbers King apprehended his Daddy.

PICT0055 edited

And took over.

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“Now you see, Daddy,” the Bubbers King began to explain…..

PICT0061 edited

“It’s not about manhandling all the gravel into the wheelbarrow all at once.”

PICT0063 edited

“It’s about delicacy and precision.”

PICT0065 edited

“And–oof! Could you give me a hand here?”

PICT0066 edited

“Thanks!….. Like I was saying……”

PICT0070 edited

“It’s about savoring each and every pinch of dirt.”


PICT0038 edited


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“Would you look at that!!”

PICT0076 edited

“They’re attaching a truck to the base of the digger toy….. And they’re going to pull it out!!!


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“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

To be continued…..

Where do you feel at home?

The other night on my way home from work, my mind went on a trail of thoughts that suddenly brought me to that question.  As I drove, I pondered it.  And the list of answers I came up with made me smile.  I felt like it was a good representation of my personality and interests.

Where do I feel at home?

  • Reclining in the couch at home with a child in my arms
  • Sitting on the floor at my parents’ house while my Mom rubs my head
  • Quietly sitting in the chapel at church or the temple
  • Walking through elementary schools
  • Browsing the local library
  • Talking with parents in the waiting room of a therapy clinic
  • In conversation with a child
  • In nature with a camera in my hands
  • In view of mountains
  • In my husband’s presence

Where do you feel at home?  Where do you feel like your true self?  Completely at ease and comfortable?  And like all is right with the world?

Bubbers is two years old!!!

(Holy smokes–is it already November 20th?!?  Where on earth has this year gone?  Month gone?  Day gone?!?….. Yes, the Bubbers King has been two years old for over 7 months now, but I never did post about his special day, so here you go!)

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Behold: The magical land of inflatable slides and bouncy houses.

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A land made for fathers and sons.

(But not for gestating mothers heavy with child attempting to carry toddlers up steep precipices with meager footholds or squeeze through tiny holes or keep her equilibrium with a wonky center of balance while on a wavering surface… thank goodness for non-gestating fathers!!).

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Behold: The Bubbers King. Exactly two years old.

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With his father, who stayed home from work to be with us.

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At that time, things were so busy (with all the normal stuff in life plus me pregnant and working part-time, and Charming working (full-time) and going to school (full-time)), that we thought the best way to spend Bubbers’ special day was to take a break from it all and just spend the day together–just the three of us.

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And we started the day with this monstrosity.

(Oh yes.  This slide and I have met before.  During my first naive visit to this place alone with the Bubbers King for a playgroup activity. Why on earth did I ever think I could (or should!) heave my hugely pregnant self and a toddler up that thing??  Not to mention the stream of children shoving past us impatiently or stopping with fear to clog the way while I desperately struggled to keep my footing and the three of us from falling into oblivion? *sigh* A moment in time I will never forget…)

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After that, they tackled this impressive beauty.

PICT0014 edited

And I contracted apoplexy.

PICT0016 edited

So they went to enjoy a much tamer beast.

PICT0020 edited

And I breathed freely.

PICT0021 edited

And even laughed.

PICT0022 edited

And cheered!

After that, we sought nourishment at the local Red Robin.  Mm-mm!  We rarely go out to eat, so this was a fun treat.

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How old are you, Son?


PICT0053 edited

“Actually,” says Daddy, “You’re two now!”

PICT0054 edited

“Huh… Would you look at that!  I’m two.”

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“Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you!  Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true!  Happy happy birthday, from Red Robin to yoooouuuuuu!!”

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“Do you want a bite of your birthday ice cream sundae??”

“No fanks, Daddy,” he says, “I just want my French fries.”

PICT0104 edited

“And dese bawoons.”

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“Dat’s aw I need. Dat’s aw.”

After that we went home and played. And that night at dinner…..

PICT0133 edited

Good ol’ Curious George paid us all a visit.

PICT0140 edited

“Happy Birthday, dear Buuuuubberrrrrs! Happy Birthday to you!”

PICT0141 edited


And then! Time for presents. :)

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Happy Birthday, dear Bubbers! We had a such wonderful day with you and we’re so grateful you’re our son!