Bubbers and The Dog Park

For some reason, I’ve had dogs on the brain today.

You see, every few months I get the urge to buy a dog.  Then I indulge myself with a day or so of thinking about it, but then I finally suppress the urge and move on.

For one, we don’t have the money for a dog right now.  For two, Charming and I can’t agree on what kind of dog we should buy.  And for three, I’m not sure I’m up for taking care of a dog in addition to two small children.

But the urge still comes.  Partly because I grew up on a farm of sorts and love animals.  And partly because I firmly believe little children should grow up with a pet dog.

Don’t agree?

Please allow me to show you Exhibit A:

PICT0099 edited

The Dog Park.

PICT0107 edited

There’s an off leash dog park just down the road from our house.  And when the urge to own a dog comes on too strong, we head for The Dog Park to get our fix.

PICT0118 edited

(Awww, these are all pictures of the 18-months-old Bubbers King from last October!!  Hi, Little Man!  You’ve sure grown up a lot!)

PICT0124 edited

And every time we go, the Bubbers King can’t get enough.

PICT0110 edited big

No matter what size the dog is, he always hunkers down as it approaches.

PICT0114 edited

Then he’ll stand up to greet the dog.

PICT0115 edited

“Hi Puppy! My name is Bubbers. What’s yours?”

PICT0116 edited

And since he’s the perfect height for drive-by lickings, he always flinches if the dog gets too close.

PICT0117 edited

Then holds his defensive position in case the dog comes back for more.

PICT0133 edited

Which they usually do.

And you’d think with all that warm saliva, he’d get sick of them and want to go home.

PICT0132 edited

But he never does!

And that’s when I start envisioning us owning a dog.

PICT0196 edited

Like a little one that’s the perfect size for a child.

PICT0143 edited

Or a big one that’s the perfect size for wrestling.

PICT0147 edited

Because you’d better believe Charming would be running around with it more than anyone.

But then right in the middle of my daydream, I look down and see this:

PICT0222 edited

And I think, “I don’t need more laundry.”

PICT0185 edited

So I take the Bubbers King aside and say, “You don’t really want a dog, do you?”

And he says:

PICT0164 edited


PICT0191 edited

Then he earnestly looks for another dog.

PICT0190 edited

And my heart melts. Again.

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9 thoughts on “Bubbers and The Dog Park

  1. Very cute story. You did love our animals as you grew up, especially our dog (and don’t forget the chickens!) If you get a dog that is already housebroken and through with chewing up everything in sight and that likes children and doesn’t bark too much, then it wouldn’t be too difficult with young ones to handle it.

  2. I agree. Every child needs a dog in their home. My favorite breed is the labrador retreiver. I have 2. They mellow out around age 3. Getting a puppy with 2 young children would be very difficult! I did know a family who always got dogs from the pound, they were always muts but so beautiful. And they were always very well behaved- naturally. I don’t like little dogs, however! I don’t trust them with small children and they’re easy to hurt when kids aren’t so careful. I’m such a dog person, that is why this comment is so loooong! :)

  3. Yes, it’s true that dogs are an expense (ours is like our guilty pleasure, we spoil him- he’s like part of the family!), but when the time is right, they can make wonderful companions! We love ours! When we were first deciding about what kind of dog to get we decided to go to dog shows, Bubbers would really love that! It’s fun that you have a dog park close by to get your fill of dogs! Fun pictures!

  4. Nathan and I had a beagle for 6 years. We loved her but after Gavin was born I found I was starting to resent her because she was like a perpetual toddler and always in need of something just when everyone else was going crazy! She was wonderful with the kids but we felt she needed more attention than we were able to give her so she went to AZ to live with my parents.
    I tell everyone now that dogs are wonderful but they require a lot of attention and are hard to care for when you are still in the process of growing your family. Also, expect to spend about $100 every time you go to the vet (seriously). Not to mention the walking in the rain (while trying to push a stroller), the constantly muddy paws, and poop in the yard where your kids want to play. :) I would love to have a dog again but I’m going to wait until my kids are all big enough to help me care for it!

  5. I completely know how you feel Heidi! I had the same conflict going on inside of me about, to get a dog or not?! I also grew up with dogs and they were such a beloved part of our family. But, now being a mother, with two young children and home I already am challenged to keep up with I could only bring myself to think of all the challenges that would come with adding a canine child to the mix. My family would always beg and plead for me to change my mind and try anything to get me to agree to get one. I would always say, “when everyone is potty trained, then I will consider it!” Well the time quickly came, when Joshua was potty trained and before I could even get used to the wonderful fact that we are now a diaper-free household….my family was right on my tail reminding me of my “promise” of finally getting a dog when everyone was potty trained! Adam got busy right away picking out different dogs, that he knew I would like and presenting me with opportunities to go meet them! They didn’t waste any time! So, finally there was a year old Springer Spaniel rescued in ID and we were able to meet him while we were on vacation this Summer, and of course the whole family fell in love with “Trigger” and he is now part of our family. He is a great pup, great with the kids and fits into the family well. Although, there are some challenges, he has a thing for socks or small clothing items, so I have to try to keep his toys available at all times, and keep all socks and small toys and clothing items up! It can be a pain at times, because he is still a puppy, even though he is full grown and still has his hyperness at times and is still learning manners, but all and all, it was worth it, when the time is right and the dog is right, you will know! P.S. The nice thing about getting our dog from a breed specific rescue is we could meet them and have a trial period and they would take him back if it wasn’t a good fit for our family and they took care of his neutering, shots and all first month worth of vetting, so that helped a lot!

    You guys are always more than welcome to give me a call anytime and come spend time with Trigger for that doggy fix…..and I would be more than happy to hold Snuggles to get my baby fix! ~;o)

  6. We have the same conflict going on here! The kids beg us relentlessly for a pet (Sam wants a cat, Jonas a dog) and Jase and I really like pets so of course we think about getting one. But every time I change Micah’s diaper I remember why we don’t have one. Because the last thing I need right now is another living thing to take care of! Someday I am quite sure we will get a pet but not yet…

  7. I’m sure Gabe would tell you that you can have our dog. ;) He’s not hard to take care of now that he’s not a puppy, but every once in a while he’ll do something like tear up the dirty kleenex he found on the floor. ;) The nice thing about little dogs is that they don’t really slobber if your worrying about the laundry thing…

  8. Been in a family with a dog, sometimes I dream about not having a dog, no more chewed shoes, a garden that looks like a storm has hit and not to mention doggy doo.
    But then I see Shakira playing with Max and know he is here to stay.

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