The Time Has Come, Part 1 (by the Bubbers King)

PICT0004 edited

The time has come.

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I know you’re still very young.

PICT0010 edited

But age does not matter.

PICT0009 edited

All that matters is that you listen. With all your soul.

PICT0007 edited

Can you do that, Snuggles? Can you do that for me?

PICT0005 edited

“Aahh-gooo….. Aaahhggg.”

PICT0003 edited

All right, I believe you.

PICT0001 edited

Meet me here tomorrow night.  And I will tell you about him.

PICT0012 edited

Until then, pretend you never saw me and tell no one that I was here.

Goodbye, Snuggles.

“Aahhgg…..  Ahh-gooo.”

To be continued…..

1 thought on “The Time Has Come, Part 1 (by the Bubbers King)

  1. While I love seeing little Snuggles and dont want him to grow too fast for you, I cant wait until he and bubbers are running around together. Snuggles looks like he adores his big brother.

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