Buuuuubberrrrs… Where arrrrrre you???

October 20th, 2009

PICT0061 edited

I swear he was here just a minute ago…  But now I can’t find him!  Where on earth could he be???

PICT0059 edited

“Here I am!!!”

Oh my goodness! There you are!

PICT0072 edited

Wait!  He’s gone again!   This is so strange…..

PICT0057 edited

Hey…..  I see an eye!…..  Now whose eye could it be?…..

PICT0071 edited

Hey!  It’s Bubbers’ eye!

PICT0074 edited

“It’s my eye!”

Oh man, you’re right.  I’m sure glad we figured that out!

PICT0068 edited

Oh!  There he goes again!…..  Hmmm, I think I see two little feet.  I’ll bet they’re Snuggles’ feet…..

PICT0067 edited

“No, they’re Bubbers’ feet!”

Holy smokes, you’re right!

PICT0079 edited

Oh man!   He disappeared again.   But wait– I see two hands!

PICT0082 edited

And a face!!

PICT0084 edited big

It’s my son, Bubbers!!   I love you, Bubbers.

“I wove you, too, Mommy.”

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Suzanne | 11/1/2009 5:43 am

Glad Bubbers could be found, love his little smile in the last photo.


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