Buuuuubberrrrs… Where arrrrrre you???

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I swear he was here just a minute ago…  But now I can’t find him!  Where on earth could he be???

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“Here I am!!!”

Oh my goodness! There you are!

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Wait!  He’s gone again!   This is so strange…..

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Hey…..  I see an eye!…..  Now whose eye could it be?…..

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Hey!  It’s Bubbers’ eye!

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“It’s my eye!”

Oh man, you’re right.  I’m sure glad we figured that out!

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Oh!  There he goes again!…..  Hmmm, I think I see two little feet.  I’ll bet they’re Snuggles’ feet…..

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“No, they’re Bubbers’ feet!”

Holy smokes, you’re right!

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Oh man!   He disappeared again.   But wait– I see two hands!

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And a face!!

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It’s my son, Bubbers!!   I love you, Bubbers.

“I wove you, too, Mommy.”

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