“Wots of faminies!”

While I was in the toy room taking advantage of the late afternoon sun coming through our French doors, the Bubbers King joined me to take advantage of his chalkboard…..

PICT0079 edited

….. To draw the first stick people I’ve ever seen him draw!

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“Wook at this, Mommy!”

Wow, Little Man!  You drew some people.  Who are they?

PICT0081 edited

That’s Mommy.”

PICT0082 edited

That’s Bubbers.”

PICT0083 edited

That’s Snuggles.”

PICT0084 edited

“And that’s Daddy!”

PICT0089 edited

“It’s our faminy!!!”

Aww, that is our family!  What a sweet picture!!  Great job, Little Man!!  We sure love our family, huh?

PICT0092 edited

“Yes!!  We wove our faminy!”

Aww, thanks, Little Man!  We sure love you!

*Erase, erase, erase*

PICT0105 edited

*Draw, draw, draw*

PICT0107 edited

Wiiiittow Snuggles.”

PICT0120 edited

*Draw, draw, draw*

PICT0123 edited

“Wow!!!  Wook at this, Mommy!!!!”

Holy cow!!  Look at all those people!!

PICT0127 edited

“It’s wots and wots and wots of faminies!!!”

[Super big smiles from Mommy].

PICT0133 edited

That’s awesome, Little Man!

Two thumbs up for you and your wonderfully sweet wots of faminies!

3 thoughts on ““Wots of faminies!”

  1. Wow, great job! How fun for him to have the chalkboard! I think my kids would like it, but would also fight over it. Plus, we’d have no room…so paper will have to do for now!

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