My Video Debut (by Sir Snuggles)

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Hello, My Friends!

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I’m here to tell you something very, very important.

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Now what was it again?….. Oh, yeah!

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Mommy’s posting her first video of me on here!!

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And I’m so distraught!

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The video is way too long and I told Mommy she needed to cut it down, but she said she just couldn’t.   She loved it all too much, she just had to keep every part.

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Uh–pretend you never saw that.

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Now, where was I??

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Oh, yeah!  So, I hope you enjoy my long video.

It’s from when I was only 2 months old and cooing and gooing like crazy.  Mommy forgot how much she loves that stage and how sad she is when it passes so quickly.

These are her favorite parts:

  • My smiles!
  • How I look straight in her eyes and work sooo hard to try to articulate!  It made her cry when I first started doing it, because she wished so badly to know what I was trying to say and was so touched that I wanted to talk to her so badly.
  • My quizzical look at the video camera
  • My cute sneeze!
  • My little coughs
  • How cuddly and snuggly I am
  • My sweet voice
  • Me

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