She’s baa-aaack!

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I took my poor camera to our local camera store today and asked kind Eric (the man at the counter) if he could troubleshoot my camera (no pun intended) to find out if my problem was in the lens or the body.

Heavens be praised, it was the lens! And wouldn’t you know, kind Eric happened to have a used lens in stock that was almost my exact replica and half the price of a new lens (very fortunate, since it’s hard to come by parts for an old Konica Minolta!).

I felt very blessed!

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So I celebrated my new birthday-Christmas-Valentine’s-Day present by taking it with me to our park.  And letting Bubbers play barefoot (one of my favorite pastimes!).

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And capturing the beautiful tree that I’ve been admiring every night for the past week.

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And lulling sweet Snuggles to knocked-out slumber in The Pouch.

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And taking more pictures of leaves.

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And relishing the beautiful quality,



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And Bubberness of my beloved DSLR camera.

3 thoughts on “She’s baa-aaack!

  1. So glad you’re back. I love your nature pictures (the ones of the boys are pretty cute too.

  2. Oh, that’s wonderful that you are back in action with the best camera! Wow, you got all of your gifts way early, I’m jealous!

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