Language lessons (by Sir Snuggles)

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Look everyone! Mommy started language lessons with me this week!

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For language lessons, Mommy uses picture sets she got back when she used to teach children at church.

She found visual aid cutouts offered by our church and really, really liked them.  So she bought them all.  And then she cut them out, laminated them and put magnets on the back.  The children loved them– especially when she used them to tell scripture stories or other stories that were part of their church lessons.

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But I’m only 4 months old, so Mommy doesn’t use them to tell me stories, yet.  She just holds one of them in front of me and slowly names it over and over again while I look at it.

We’re working on the domestic/farm animal set right now.  And after a couple weeks with that, we’ll move on to the jungle animals and then forest animals and then plants/scenery, etc., etc.

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“Cat….. Cat….. Cat….. Cat…..” she says carefully and slowly.

Then she pauses.

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“Oow!!” I respond with enthusiasm.

And she smiles.

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  1. I once babysit a little girl who said her first words at 6 months old. So maybe Snuggles will start talking before long. That would thrill his “speech therapist” Mom.

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