My first outing as a big boy (by the Bubbers King)

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Hi Everyone! Bubbers King here with a hot chocolate mustache to report the good news!

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I made my first trip outside the house today since we started potty training!

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We went to visit our local assisted living facility where we volunteer.

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The residents are so sweet, they almost always give me something (like today, a kind woman gave me balloons and jelly beans she was given for her 97th birthday yesterday– can you believe that?!).

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And the ladies in the kitchen love to give me hot chocolate that I love to drink (and then they smile and coo and pinch Snuggles’ cute rolls).

And you know what?   I was a true big boy today.  It felt really good.  (And it felt really good to finally leave our house again!)

Watch out, world!  Who knows what I’ll learn next.

The Big Boy Bubbers King

4 thoughts on “My first outing as a big boy (by the Bubbers King)

  1. Nice to hear you had a wonderful day out Bubbers been a big boy. I remember my very big boys 1st outing as if it were yesterday.

  2. Hey Heidi!

    Here is a link to the travel potty I bought. I actually bought all my potty training stuff back when had an online store, but now they are partnered with I was way cheaper when I got it. Amazon might have it too…

    Also, here is a link to my blog post back when we potty trained Gwen. Sounds like you have already made awesome progress, so it probably won’t be of much use now!

    Good luck! Sounds like things are going pretty great!

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