Potty Training: Day 3 (Mommy’s favorite parts)

October 7th, 2009

After sneaking a turn on the potty myself, I was quietly exiting the bathroom when the Bubbers King raced up to me with a radiant smiled and excitedly yelled out, “Good job!!!

Then he reached up and gave me two Jelly Bellies as my reward.

(My heart was both melting and wanting to burst from laughter– what an absolute sweetheart!!)

“Here you go,” the Bubbers King said to his yellow teddy bear while placing him on the potty, “Dis is how you potty train.  Sit on the toiwet and then watch cartoons…..  Okay, now you get two Jewwy Bewwies.  I’we get dem for you.”

(Ha, ha!!  Sorry, Little Man, no extra Jelly Bellies by way of the teddy bear). :)

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