Potty Training: Day 2

Holy. Smokes.

Our second day of “extreme potty training” is over and so far, we’ve all survived, though I am exhausted.

My favorite thoughts from today:

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Could I hire someone to do this for me?

How long can a two-year-old hold it???

Do I really need to teach him this?

People I contacted for support, help and/or reassurance:

Heavenly Father.


My Mom.


Heavenly Father.

Shanda (a friend who recently potty-trained her youngest daughter)


Heavenly Father.

IMGA0059 edited

My voice was getting so sore from reading the sweet Bubbers King book after book while he sat on the potty that I finally broke out my second line of defense: The portable DVD player.

IMGA0061 edited

The time moved a little more smoothly for both of us as he watched his first movie in a series of chunks (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) and we talked about the plot and what was happening.

His favorite parts were when Spirit got a hair cut and the soldiers tried to break him.  I tried not to cry when Spirit’s mother helplessly watched the soldiers drag her son away.

IMGA0057 edited

By the end of our grueling day, my dear boy had four new books (and a tummy full of jelly bellies) that he’d definitely earned.

And by the end of all this, I’m thinking I’ll earn a day at the spa. Or a new camera. Or both.


Well, off to bed to rest up for another round!

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3 thoughts on “Potty Training: Day 2

  1. Good for you Heidi! We’re also trying to potty train… well at least Preston is interested in wearing underwear all the time, but doesn’t actually go in the potty very often. Maybe I should bring him to your house and we could work together for a day… except then you would have double the accidents and I don’t think that would be very fun. ;)

    I’m soooo sorry about your camera, I wouldn’t know what to do! My brother is buying my old one from me, but you’re welcome to do use it until we can take it to him in November, I know you’d take care of it. ;)

  2. I know for both of my kids, when they were ready to do it, they did! As you are doing so wonderfully, it just takes time, consistency and patience of the parents and a lot of positive reinforcement, (we did jelly bellies too, they worked like a charm!) And another thing was, having friends over that were slightly older and were potty trained already was great for the motivation! When my kids saw their friends doing it, they got real motivated, because they wanted to be a big boy and girl like their friend! ~:o)

  3. I had the hardest time potty training Kaylee, I dreaded waking up every morning and listening to her scream about putting her panties on…etc….Anyway, after Presley came along she just one day decided to do it and that was it (after I gave up for a few months) I’m going to be much more relaxed the second time around and just remind myself that nobody goes to high school in diapers :) Good Luck!!!

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