Part of me died today

IMGA0050 edited

I think she’s gone and I’m so sad. I’m so sad, I thought of wearing black and going into mourning for the next five years.

But then I realized I couldn’t possibly exist for five years without a DSLR camera.

IMGA0005 computer circled

So then I got online to research how much it would cost to repair her. Or replace her.

As of now, her future is still uncertain, but hopefully I will know something soon.

IMGA0050 edited

Until then, may she miraculously recover or may I miraculously find a talented repair person who works for really, really cheap.

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3 thoughts on “Part of me died today

  1. I sure hope you can fix/replace the camera. However, I’ve never in my life seen a camera get more use than yours, so I guess they must have a limit as to how many pictures they can take.

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