Bubbers and The Dog Park

For some reason, I’ve had dogs on the brain today.

You see, every few months I get the urge to buy a dog.  Then I indulge myself with a day or so of thinking about it, but then I finally suppress the urge and move on.

For one, we don’t have the money for a dog right now.  For two, Charming and I can’t agree on what kind of dog we should buy.  And for three, I’m not sure I’m up for taking care of a dog in addition to two small children.

But the urge still comes.  Partly because I grew up on a farm of sorts and love animals.  And partly because I firmly believe little children should grow up with a pet dog.

Don’t agree?

Please allow me to show you Exhibit A:

PICT0099 edited

The Dog Park.

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There’s an off leash dog park just down the road from our house.  And when the urge to own a dog comes on too strong, we head for The Dog Park to get our fix.

PICT0118 edited

(Awww, these are all pictures of the 18-months-old Bubbers King from last October!!  Hi, Little Man!  You’ve sure grown up a lot!)

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And every time we go, the Bubbers King can’t get enough.

PICT0110 edited big

No matter what size the dog is, he always hunkers down as it approaches.

PICT0114 edited

Then he’ll stand up to greet the dog.

PICT0115 edited

“Hi Puppy! My name is Bubbers. What’s yours?”

PICT0116 edited

And since he’s the perfect height for drive-by lickings, he always flinches if the dog gets too close.

PICT0117 edited

Then holds his defensive position in case the dog comes back for more.

PICT0133 edited

Which they usually do.

And you’d think with all that warm saliva, he’d get sick of them and want to go home.

PICT0132 edited

But he never does!

And that’s when I start envisioning us owning a dog.

PICT0196 edited

Like a little one that’s the perfect size for a child.

PICT0143 edited

Or a big one that’s the perfect size for wrestling.

PICT0147 edited

Because you’d better believe Charming would be running around with it more than anyone.

But then right in the middle of my daydream, I look down and see this:

PICT0222 edited

And I think, “I don’t need more laundry.”

PICT0185 edited

So I take the Bubbers King aside and say, “You don’t really want a dog, do you?”

And he says:

PICT0164 edited


PICT0191 edited

Then he earnestly looks for another dog.

PICT0190 edited

And my heart melts. Again.

The Time Has Come, Part 2 (by the Bubbers King)

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Hello, Snuggles. Thank you for meeting me tonight.

The time has now come for you to learn about him.

PICT0017 edited

It all started when Mommy read me this book. At first, I thought it was about an elephant named Dumbo with unusually large auricles. But I soon came to realize it was about so much more…..

PICT0012 edited

….. When Mommy decided to listen to this one morning while she was getting ready for the day. We made it to the end of side 1, and do you know what I heard at the beginning of the last song???


Then all of a sudden, Mommy turned to me with a huge smile and cried out, “Bubbers!! This song is about Casey Junior! The train from your Dumbo book!”

I looked at her with wide, disbelieving eyes as I listened with rapt attention.

When the song ended, I smiled slowly and said, “Again!”

PICT0037 edited

And since that moment in time, a day has not gone by that I have not talked about him.

PICT0033 edited

Casey Junior.

PICT0040 edited

He has an engine and lots of train cars filled with circus animals!

And it wasn’t long afterward that Mommy looked up the words to the song so she could teach them to me.

PICT0036 edited

And then one day (you won’t believe it!), Mommy asked me if I wanted to see the real Casey Junior on the computer!!!

Oh boy, did I ever!!!

It was love at first watch and before long, I memorized the entire clip–sound effects and all–and will enthusiastically perform them for anyone who asks!

(It’s true! Just ask my Nursery Leaders at church! At first, they asked Mommy, “Who on earth is Casey Junior?!?” But now they ask me to sing the song all the time!)

Would you like me to sing it for you, Snuggles??

PICT0043 edited

“Aah-gooo….. Aahhgg.”

Oh, good!

Here it is! This is from July when I was only 27 months old:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Oh, I’m glad you liked it, Snuggles! I liked it, too!

And now, we can get to the best part…..

PICT0495 edited

Playing Casey Junior.

PICT0501 edited


Tip for the Day: Think twice before you…

….. Schedule a dentist appointment right before you’re going to work.

You see, I’ve been getting all my dental work up-to-date the last few weeks and didn’t even think twice about scheduling an appointment for a filling just before I was going to work.

It wasn’t until I was sitting in the dentist’s chair chewing the fat with the dentist and the dental hygienist while we waited for my Novocain to set in that I suddenly realized: half of my face is going numb…..  and I’m supposed to do speech therapy in about one hour.

Trying to keep my tone casual, I cleared my throat and asked the dentist, “So, how long does the Novocain last?”

“About two to three hours,” he replied, “Why do you ask?”

A laugh escaped my lips, “Because I’m supposed to give speech therapy after this and half of my face is paralyzed.”

The dental hygienist raised her eyebrows and chuckled.

The dentist considered that for a moment and then said, “Well, you are definitely lopsided.  But if you’d like, I can shoot up the other side, too, and you won’t be lopsided anymore.”

I smiled a half-smile (since that was all I could do) and replied, “Thank you, Doctor, but I think I’ll pass.”