My first time in the walker! (by Sir Snuggles)

September 23rd, 2009

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Uh, Mom?  I don’t know if I can handle this three-months-old stuff.

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On the day I turned three months old, I showed you how much I loved my jumper.  So then the next day, out of nowhere you put me in here.

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And for crying out loud, I don’t even know what “here” is!!

[It’s a walker, Son].

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A what?

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Wait a minute!  Hold that thought!

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My labial sensors have picked up something on their radar.

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Ooooh, my lingual sensors have picked up the same thing!

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This warrants a full investigation.

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Whoah!  That was strange.

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Snuggles!!!!!!!  You’re in da walker, Snuggles!!!  You’re in da walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey there, Bubbers!  I sure am!

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You’re such a good wittow baby, Suggles!!

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Wook!  I’m rubbin’ your head, Snuggles!  I’m rubbin’ your head!

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You wike da rubbin’, huh?  Yes, you wike da rubbin’.

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You know what, Snuggles?

….. What, Bubbers?

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We’ll always be best friends. Thank you for being part of our faminy!