Getting serious (by the Bubbers King and Sir Snuggles)

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“Oh! They’re here! Are you ready, Snuggles?”

“Uh… I guess so. But I’m a little nervous…..”

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“Oh, don’t be nervous! Just pretend all their computers are in their pajamas.”

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*Hee, hee, hee!!*

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“That gets me every time!!!”

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“Hey, there you go, Snuggles! That’s more like it! Okay, let’s go…..”

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“Hi everyone! You may have been wondering where on earth we’ve been for the last week and we’re here to tell you! Right, Snuggles?”

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“Right, Bubbers.”

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“You see, our Mommy’s been really busy getting herself organized and prepared to start home school with Bubbers before she goes back to Cub Scouts and working at night.”

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“Can you believe that?  I can’t wait!  Here’s a taste of what she’s been planning…..”

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“Daddy’s going to keep teaching me Spanish…..”

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“….. But with easier books.”

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“And he’s going to keep teaching me to swim.”

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“And Mommy’s going to teach me math.”

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(“Ha! I forgot I did that a long time ago. I’m so funny!”)

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“Oh! And she’s going to teach me how to read.”

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“As well as developmentally appropriate writing (since I’m still only 2 years old). (This is what’s been taking her a really long time to do and she’s still not finished, yet!)”

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“And, of course, lots of work on narratives and vocabulary with our large rotating supply of library books.  (Along with weekly story time at the library and earning free books by reading a lot).”

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“Oh!  And she’s also started getting recorded books, to see if I like them, too.”

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“We’ll also keep our social skills sharp with weekly play dates, play groups and nursery at church…..  Oh!  And that reminds me of the most important thing I’ll ever learn!…..”

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“We’ll also keep having religious instruction about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by reading the scriptures every day and having Family Home Evening every week.  And we’re going to try hard to do what Jesus taught and share our love by visiting our local nursing home for dinner twice a month.  (They can’t wait to meet Snuggles!)”

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“Phew!  That’s a lot…..  Did I miss anything, Snuggles?”

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“Yes!  Don’t forget, Bubbers! We’ll also have lots and lots of free play time to develop our cognitive skills …..”

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“….. And so we can just plain laugh and have a lot of fun together!”

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“Oh, that’s right!  That’s really important, thanks for reminding me, Snuggles!”

“And there’s one more thing Mommy wanted us to tell them…..  Don’t forget about her checklist.”

“Oh, yes!!  Thank you, Snuggles! …..”

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“Mommy also made herself a visual checklist.”

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“So she can plan out what she wants to do each day and then won’t forget what those things are …..”

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“…..  And whether or not she’s done them.”

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“And this one is really important.   It’s when she’s going to stop doing stuff at night, clean up and then get ready for bed.  She says it’s really important that she get more sleep at night, so her cranky pants don’t show up anymore.  And that’s another reason why things are more quiet around here.  She’s sorry she doesn’t have time for everything, but she hopes you understand and that you’re glad she’s not a cranky pants anymore.”

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“Well!  That’s it!  We hope you’re all doing well and we’ll see you again soon.”

“Bye, bye!!”

9 thoughts on “Getting serious (by the Bubbers King and Sir Snuggles)

  1. Yay for homeschooling! Be sure and share some of your great ideas. :) My favorite resources thus far have been Hooked on Phonics, Pre-K Edition, and Your Baby Can Read. I hope to enroll my children in Karl G. Maeser when they are old enough!

  2. wow good luck with all of that. You are so organized, you’re probably going to be great at homeschooling! I don’t think I”d stay focused enough to get anything done.
    The baby looks so funny in that first picture…his eyes are so big!

  3. Hi Heidi. The boys are so cute. I can see you have your hands full. I am so gald to hear that you are homeschooling ! Thats great. I too am homeschooling Hannah for 1st grade this year. It is a little crazy in the beginning but will be well worth it. Good luck to you !

  4. I had no idea you had “cranky pants”, but it sounds like they’re gone. Good luck with all of your goals, you appear very dedicated and organized.

  5. You go girl! I’m glad to see you’ve scheduled yourself in there somewhere. Do you plan to homeschool all the way? Or just preschool?

  6. You are amazing! Seriously, I could take a couple of pages from your book on schooling and you haven’t had to *officially* start yet! I LOVE your photos at the top of your blog, you are an amazing photographer! *Hugs*

  7. Hi Heidi!!

    I saw your post on my blog & couldn’t for the life of me figure out which Heidi I knew (there are a lot!) made the post, and then I clicked on your blog. It is fun to see your family again. I LOVE your checklist of things to do, because I too have crank pants when I don’t get enough sleep. Also, I love the teach your child how to read book. I’ve been using it witih my daughter and she has done great with it. The best part is how easy it is! Also, thanks for your TV suggestion. Since moving in with my parents the good thing is that we haven’t watched much tv–just movies here and there, and I hope this is the trick to to kick it! I really don’t like TV! I’ve been training for a half marathon and while I was gone Dan turned on some cartoons for our girls Saturday morning and when I saw them I didn’t like them, but it was too late, Caitlyne had heard one of the girls on the cartoon say, “Am I hot in this?” (Mind you, this cartoon is about a bunch of girls that ride horses–we bought Caitlyne this cute little stable for Christmas (she LOVES horses) and it came with this cartoon so Dan thought it was harmless, but I watched the cartoon and found it rather offensive that they made it for 4 year olds because the way these girls acted was way too adult and in my opinion not even appropriate for teenagers!) So that was my breaking point where I said, ok, we are not watching anything but the movies we own! My girls are too precious to loose to society! The hard part is how much Dan & I for that matter, love college football, and maybe I’ll make an exception for BYU or Notre Dame games, but they’ll have to be recorded so we can skip the filthy commercials. It is just something I have felt very strongly about for the last little while & I’m really glad to know there are others out there who have done it & its worked. When we’re finally on our own I think we’re going to subscribe to the NY times and maybe satellite radio or something so I can at least have the news. I like to know what’s going on, but not at the expense of my precious little girls! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

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