My new friend (by Sir Snuggles)

September 2nd, 2009

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Why, hello there!  My name is Snuggles.  What’s yours?

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“I’m Carter.  My mommy and your mommy are friends.  We were due on the exact same day.”

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Really?!?  That’s amazing!

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And so is your hand.  Did you know we have hands?

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It’s true!  Here’s mine.  It’s my favorite.

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And this is my big brother, Bubbers.

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He thinks we’re kind of funny just laying here on the ground like we’re babies or something.

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“Ha!  Babies!  That’s a good one, Bubbers.”

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Well, it was great to meet you, Carter.  I know we’ll be great friends.

“You, too, Snuggles!  I can’t wait!”