My Little Joey

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This is how my sweet baby loves to take his naps during the day.

He relaxes into a contented puddle of chub that fairly melts into me.

And I love it.

Because it allows me the freedom to indulge in my strong desire to hold my sleeping babe while being productive at the same time, if needed.

It’s the second pair of arms that every mother needs.

And around here, it’s affectionately called “The Pouch”.

My dear little joey.

Oh, how I love you!

A few announcements (by the Bubbers King and Sir Snuggles)

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Hey Everyone!! Mommy wants us to tell you a few things.

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That’s right, Bubbers! And the first announcement is that I’m going to meet Papa and gg!  They’re my Daddy’s parents and they’re coming to visit tomorrow.  So, we’re going to be busy having a lot of fun with them for the next little while.

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Hee, hee! That’s right, Snuggles!  They’re really fun; you’re going to love them!  And let’s see… The second announcement is that someday, Mommy is going to post a “Summer Series” about all the fantastic things we did as a faminy this summer.  So, keep an eye out for that!

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Was that everything, Mommy?

[Almost, you cute little boys!  My last announcement is that I’ll be going back to work a couple nights a week (but no more Saturdays!!), so my blogging time at night will become even more endangered, but hopefully not extinct].

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Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[What??  Why??!!]


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Ohhh, I’m so sorry, Mom!  I was trying to be good.  Especially since you took the burp rag from under my head for the pictures, but, well…..  I just can’t help it.

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[Oh, shucks, Snuggles.  No harm done!  I’ll just add it to the rest of our laundry today and it’ll be good as new].

Oh good, thanks, Mom!

[You’re welcome, Son!]

My first time in the walker! (by Sir Snuggles)

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Uh, Mom?  I don’t know if I can handle this three-months-old stuff.

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On the day I turned three months old, I showed you how much I loved my jumper.  So then the next day, out of nowhere you put me in here.

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And for crying out loud, I don’t even know what “here” is!!

[It’s a walker, Son].

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A what?

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Wait a minute!  Hold that thought!

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My labial sensors have picked up something on their radar.

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Ooooh, my lingual sensors have picked up the same thing!

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This warrants a full investigation.

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Whoah!  That was strange.

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Snuggles!!!!!!!  You’re in da walker, Snuggles!!!  You’re in da walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey there, Bubbers!  I sure am!

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You’re such a good wittow baby, Suggles!!

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Wook!  I’m rubbin’ your head, Snuggles!  I’m rubbin’ your head!

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You wike da rubbin’, huh?  Yes, you wike da rubbin’.

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You know what, Snuggles?

….. What, Bubbers?

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We’ll always be best friends. Thank you for being part of our faminy!

Missing my husband

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Last week was that time of year again.

Charming was out of town for a school residence week and I wandered aimlessly through the house, searching for the other half of myself.

The boys missed him.  I missed him.

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A lot.

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So I sought comfort in a French Silk Pie dear Charming bought me before he left.

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And a foofy romantic library book I saw advertised in Deseret Book’s catalog (quite a delightful story, though I would have been embarrassed to read a few parts of it outloud to my mother).

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And last, but not least, the only versions I hadn’t seen of Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Sense & Sensibility (while I traced, cut and glued the entire alphabet).

And then halfway through my week alone with two young boys, I thought of Mormon pioneer mothers.  Mothers whose husbands were gone for years as they taught the gospel in foreign lands.  Mothers who were alone as they faced persecution and moved their families across the plains in covered wagons and hand carts.

All of a sudden, my week alone didn’t seem so hard.  My previous complaints felt petty and insignificant.  And my respect for pioneer mothers as well as my gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father who succors His children through their trials profoundly deepened.

After that, I tried to be more patient and long-suffering when I felt my patience running thin. And I thanked Heavenly Father for answering our prayers when I could finally say…..

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It was a wonderful reunion.