Flowers for Mommy

There’s a new tradition brewing at my house. A tradition that is quickly becoming one of my favorites ever.

And it all began when I was in the hospital delivering Sir Snuggles and my mother was watching the Bubbers King. We planned for my mom and Bubbers to come visit us the day after Snuggles was born.  And when the time came, Charming drove to our house to pick them up and bring them back to the hospital.

I rested in my hospital bed with baby Snuggles cuddled in my arms and kept an eye on the clock, eagerly waiting for them to arrive. After a time, I heard a sweet voice echoing down the hall and knew my little Bubbers was here!  I couldn’t contain my smiles as I tenderly sat up and slid my legs off the side of my bed to greet my eldest son.

Charming came in first with the video camera and started recording.

“Okay!” he called loudly, “Come on in, Bubbers!  Mommy’s in here!”

With a big smile, Bubbers charged into my room and held up a sweet surprise in his chubby little hands.

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A tiny tupperware full of wildflowers!

“Oh my goodness!!  Thank you, Bubbers!!!” I gushed with delight as I carefully took the little flowers he offered.

By this time, my mom had entered the room and she explained, “We went to the park next door to your house this morning and he wanted to pick the wildflowers.  I told him we could bring them to you.”

“Aw, thank you!” I said, absolutely touched.

My son had brought me flowers!

Little tiny flowers he picked with his little chubby fingers!

I couldn’t have loved a gift more.

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After he left, I reverently placed his flowers on my food tray right next to my bed to keep them as close as possible at all times.

They were beautiful.  And when it was time to go home, I carefully held them in the car as we drove so they wouldn’t spill or get hurt.

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And when we got home, I lovingly placed them on the counter…..

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…..  Along with my other treasures.

And that’s where they stayed for days and days and days.  Until they were hopelessly decayed and I finally convinced myself it was time to let them go.

Sadly, I poured them down the sink and rinsed out the tupperware.  Little did I know what would happen next, when more flowers began to bloom…..

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Including our hydrangea bush in the front yard.

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Ever since my mom introduced Bubbers to the idea of “picking flowers for Mommy”, he has picked (or attempted to pick) every flower he sees and then given it to me!

So when he saw a new and abundant supply of flowers pop out in our own front yard, he eagerly ran to them and called over his shoulder, “I want to pick flowers for Mommy!!”

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Of course, we let him.  And now every time he goes outside, he asks permission to leave the garage (“I want to pick flowers for Mommy!!!”) and then runs for the bush!

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And then carefully gives me every flower he picks.

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Or sets them aside to give me later.

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Or stores them in his new pencil box.

And I have to say…..

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I love every single one of them!

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  1. That so great that Bubbers still wants to pick flowers for his Mom which gives you such enjoyment.

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