Oh, dear. I suppose this means war.

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I thought you were being suspiciously quiet and content while Bubbers and I were playing Legos in the other room this afternoon.

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And now I know why.


The time has now come…..

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….. For intervention.

Oh, dear.  I really had hoped you’d be spared such intervention, but it appears I was wrong.

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You, too, have inherited the intense Hoover sucking instinct from me.  And while it’s wonderfully useful when learning how to nurse and take a pacifier or bottle, it’s openly declaring war when directed at your thumb.

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Yes, it’s true.  Just ask your brother.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, dear. I suppose this means war.

  1. Snuggles had a bit of a guilty yet satisfied look as he deliciously enjoyed his thumb. Hope he enjoyed the brief moment!

  2. OHH, but it’s SOOO stinkin’ CUTE! Sorry, Snuggles – I’d help you if I could :)

    (But now that I’ve confessed, I don’t think mommy will let me near you :)

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