When things are dire: Pray (by the Bubbers King)

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Hi Everyone!!

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Holy smokes, it’s been way too long since I’ve had the blogging reins around here.

So Mommy said I could tell you the story of when I was naughty.

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Are you ready?


Once upon a time, two months ago…..

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My baby brother was only 9 days old and our whole house was upside down!

Mommy and Daddy were doing their best to figure out this two kid thing.  And I was doing my best to figure out this big brother thing.

But then.

I got sick.

And sleep-deprived.

Which was not a good combination in the middle of all the crazy chaos.  So, I suddenly turned into an unpredictable, tantruming 2-year-old for a few days.  And my parents wondered who on earth I was and where on earth their sweet little boy had gone.

Well, one night at dinner, I was a mess.  I randomly lost my temper and started yelling and spitting out food to the immediate surprise and consternation of my parents.

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And poor baby Snuggles kept alternating between rolling his eyes into the back of his head…..

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….. Falling asleep.

And then waking up again!  And fussing.

So, Mommy and Daddy were doing their best to get me to eat my food (that our sweet, thoughtful neighbor had prepared!) like a civilized human being and keep baby Snuggles happy and try to eat their own food at the same time.

But somewhere along the way, something snapped.

It was just too much for them.

And at the end of the meal, with weary desperation, Daddy handed Mommy the dessert.

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Daddy had vandalized his favorite dessert, which meant things were indeed dire and I needed to pull my act together or I wouldn’t be getting my piece of the face.


In a situation like this, there’s only one thing to do.

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Pray like you’ve never prayed before.

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And when Mommy and Daddy start staring at you with wide, surprised eyes and gaping mouths.

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Pray harder.

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Because if you do…..

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Your prayers will be answered!!

4 thoughts on “When things are dire: Pray (by the Bubbers King)

  1. Aw, how sweet. Joshua has been HORRIBLE the last few weeks! And has stopped taking naps all together, as has Elora (because of him) causing everyone much grumpiness. Good luck!

  2. There’s a great moral to that story! Thank Bubbers for his example of sincere prayer.

  3. This has got to be one of my favorite Bubbers-told stories ever!! :) And those pics are just awesome. Hopefully things have calmed down a bit for you now…

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