Many, Many, Many Thanks

A while back, I mentioned how much I enjoyed my stay at the hospital for Sir Snuggles’ birth.

Charming stayed with me at the hospital night and day the entire time, and it was just fantastic to be in our little cocoon away from the world for almost four days.

We never even turned on the TV in our room and I never checked my email. We just talked, laughed, slept and held our sweet Snuggles.

And we could do that because of this wonderful lady…..

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…..  My Mom.

My wonderful Mom came from California to take care of our dear Bubbers King while we went off on our new adventure.

However, we’d never left Bubbers overnight before, so I was nervous.

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And to make myself feel better, I wrote and printed an entire manual for life with the Bubbers King.  That way my Mom would know everything from emergency numbers and sleep schedules to what he likes for meals and snacks.

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I even included a Table of Contents and an alphabetized list of where to find things in the house.

Yes, I was only 25 minutes and a simple phone call away from my dear Wooga Man, but I just felt better having it all spelled out for her.

And my Mom was so sweet.  After I finished it and handed it to her the night before we left, she sat down and read the whole thing and put tabs on sections she wanted to reference later.  And that’s when I knew (even more!) that the Wooga Man was in good hands.  :)

But I still wasn’t sure how Bubbers would handle having us gone for so long, so I started telling him about it weeks in advance.  And I asked my Mom to come in a couple days before the birth, for Bubbers to get used to her at our house before we left.

And then the night before the birth, I told Bubbers that we wouldn’t be there when he woke up in the morning.  But Grandma would be and she would take care of him until we got back.

And Bubbers was amazing.  Every time we called my Mom or she called us, she gave us a shining report of how well he was doing.

“He’s just been the ideal little boy!” she told me when I asked how he was, “So sweet and obedient–he couldn’t be better!”

“Oh, I’m so glad!” I smiled and then asked, “Does he seem to miss us?”

“When he woke up from his nap he cried and asked for you, but I just explained that you were at the hospital and then he was okay!” my Mom said with admiration.

I smiled with relief.  The Wooga Man was doing great!  That meant I could really focus all my energy on our newest son and even stay an extra day without any worries.  It was bliss.

And one of the real highlights was when my Mom and Bubbers came to visit the day after Snuggles was born.

The Bubbers King was incredibly gentle and got to meet his new brother.

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And my Mom was so sweet and got to meet her newest grandchild.

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And then she took our first family picture!

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After we got home from the hospital, she stayed a couple more days and then needed to get back to California.

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As always, she was a fantastic help.  Not only did she make sure my house was clean before she left, but she was perfectly understanding about my recovery needs since she’s had six C-sections herself.

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Not to mention she made my day every time she looked at Sir Snuggles and said, “Yes, I’ve seen those eyes before,” and then smiled at me.

I sure love you, Mom!  Thank you for your loving service during Sir Snuggles’ birth.  It made a huge impact on all of us. 

Especially the Bubbers King.

To be continued…..

6 thoughts on “Many, Many, Many Thanks

  1. I love your mom.

    And that binder is killing me. You’re just plain greatness.

    Hoping everything went well during your week solo with the two little guys!

  2. You should totally teach us how to make one of those binders. I would love to have one just for MY reference! :)

  3. I’m glad you were able to relax in the hospital. I had planned on staying the full 2 days with baby #2 and could not sleep. So I went home after about 22 hours. Your mom is so sweet to come help you out for a week.

  4. I love your blog. Your new baby Snuggles is so cute. Thanks for letting me see your blog. I like having a little peek into your life. It was good to see your husband at my Dads funeral. Gail and Devere were a great support to me.

  5. I wondered who’d watched him while you were gone! I was lucky to have my mom come up too, as its summer and she’s a teacher so she had it off. I thought I had gone overboard to make a detailed one-page sheet of how to watch the kids, but now I don’t feel so bad :)
    My two did great with grandma too, but they were horrible the day we came home!

  6. Oh, thank you, Jenny!

    I am so sorry for your loss. Your Dad is a wonderful person and we will all miss him dearly. I’m so glad my husband, Gail and Devere were at his funeral with you.

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