The sheet and a conversation with the Bubbers King

This past winter, I frequently brainstormed ideas for cutting costs and saving money.

I called our car insurance company and found out we were over-insured and could cut back a little.

Then I started unplugging appliances and turning off my computer’s power strip at night.

After that I requested a free water saving kit from our water company and had Charming install it.

And finally, I kept the thermostat turned down to a mere 65 degrees.

And boy did it cut our gas and electric bill!

But it was definitely a bit chilly at times, so I always had blankets out and used them whenever I took naps or snuggled with the Bubbers King as we read books or as he drank his milk or juice.

It was a fun little ritual we had and Bubbers always loved it.

In fact, he developed such a deep and abiding love for blankets that he frequently asked to be “covered up” by them throughout the day as he played.

But as the weather warmed up, I considered transitioning the blankets and pillows into the closet to keep the family room a bit tidier.

Bubbers wouldn’t have it, though, and he continued to request his beloved blankets. Especially if he was drinking his milk or reading a book.

So I left them out and silently chuckled to myself whenever I saw a hot and sweaty Bubbers smiling with delight to snuggle under a blanket and read a book with Mommy.

This was all well and good until our thermostat hit over 90 degrees in a freak heat wave last week and just the thought of having to touch a blanket made even more sweat pour down the back of my neck.

I thought for sure even the Bubbers King would register an awareness of that kind of heat and not want to be “covered up” as usual.

Boy, did I underestimate him!

Not only did he request a blanket as usual, but he broke down into tears when I firmly said, “No, it’s too hot.”

The boy was only wearing a diaper and his hair was soaked with sweat. Yet he still wanted a blanket.

Finally, I relented and said he could use an old sheet as a “blanket”.

He thought that was a fantastic idea and happily covered up with the sheet.

As the heat wave started to subside, I looked up one warm afternoon to see this and just had to laugh.

PICT0225 edited

Bubbers likes to have his cake and eat it, too.

PICT0220 edited

So he “covered up” with the sheet and a blanket!

PICT0226 edited

And I thought he was so darn cute, I had to capture it…..

“Hey Bubbers,” I said with a smile.

PICT0227 edited

“Hm?” he murmured.

“What are you reading?” I asked.

PICT0234 edited

“Eating?” he asked in confusion as he searched for food inside his mouth

Raising my voice above the loud whir of our window A/C unit I laughed and said, “No, I asked, “What are you reading?””

PICT0235 edited

“Green Eggs and Ham,” he answered with a smile.

Instantly, I recognized an opportunity to be silly with my sweet Wooga Man.

“Oh really?” I replied, “Does he eat them with a fox?”

PICT0237 edited

“Nooooo,” Bubbers answered knowingly.

“Huh,” I responded, “Does he eat them….. with a rhinoceros?”

PICT0238 edited


And then a subdued…..

PICT0241 edited

“Noooo!….. Dat’s funny!

“Ooh,” I replied with a chuckle, “Does he eat them in a shoe?”

PICT0242 edited

“Noooooo!!!!!” he answered eagerly.

“Really?” I said, “What about a toothbrush? Does he eat them with a toothbrush?”

PICT0244 edited

“Noooo!” he laughed, with a gleam in his eyes.

“I see,” I replied with my own gleaming eyes, “Well then, does he eat them with us?!”

PICT0251 edited

“Yes!!!” he suddenly answered.

And that was that.

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5 thoughts on “The sheet and a conversation with the Bubbers King

  1. It’s so fun when kids start developing personalities of their own! Their own likes and dislikes, sense of humor etc.

    PS> When Micah saw the pics of Bubbers, he came running over to the screen yelling “Is dat friend??” And I said, “Yes, it’s Bubbers but you’ve never met him.” He replied with teh sweetest smile, “Play wit him? Pease??”

  2. The blanket and sheet made me hot, but I loved the cute facial expressions. Young children can get very attached to certain rituals in their activities.

  3. Joshua’s blanket is more the thickness of a sheet. Good thing too, because its been that hot all summer, and he insists on sleeping with it and rolling around on the floor with it before naptime.

  4. Such precious moments! Isn’t it such a blessing to be home with them to be a part of each and every adorable conversation like that? You are such a good momma!

    Good chatting with you yesterday! Can’t wait to get together again! Take care!

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