A peek into Bubbers’ 2-year-old cuteness

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Three weeks ago, running up to Snuggles with a stuffed snake:

“This is a snake, Snuggles!  Sssssss.  Like dis!”


Two weeks ago, in the bathroom with Daddy:

“Daddy, I’m on the scale,” he called out from the corner of the bathroom, the top of his head barely visible above the counter.

“What does it say?” Daddy asked.

“Thirty pounds,” he answered.


Two weeks ago, after going on an early morning jog with Daddy:

Two little feet ran to the side of my bed to wake me up and a little fist was thrust out–holding a single white flower.

Bubbers beamed, “I picked it for you by the horses!!!”


Two weeks ago, while playing trains:

“Sorry, sorry!”

“Who are you saying sorry to?” I asked curiously.

“The track.”


Two weeks ago, after he said a blessing on our breakfast:

I had pre-instructed him to thank Heavenly Father for the oatmeal and yogurt, but during the prayer he added a third item.

“Did you bless the medicine?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes,” he answered matter-of-factly, “I blessed the medicine.”

(He was very fond of his antibiotics).


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Two weeks ago, after I told Bubbers I was going to take a shower:

“Mommy play with you a little bit?  Mommy play with you a little bit?… Please?  Mommy play with you a little bit, please?”

[Which really sounded like this: “Mommy pay with you a ittow bit?  Mommy pay with you a ittow bit?…  Pease?  Mommy pay with you a ittow bit, pease?”]

I smiled.

(There’s was no way I could say no to that and we had a blast!)


Two weeks ago, when he caught me looking at him with “that look” in my eyes:

“Somebody’s picking their nose,” he admitted and then stopped.


Two weeks ago, while holding onto a train track and trying to get out our large flannel board at the same time, he fell down in a heap on the floor:

“I slipped and my knees crumbled on dat!” he explained, pointing to the flattened flannel board, “I slipped and then dropped the train track.”

[Which really sounded like this: “I sipped and my knees crumbowed on dat!  I sipped and then dropped the train track.”]


Two weeks ago, when Daddy left family dinner early to attend the temple:

“Daddy’s going to the temple to worship God,” I explained after Daddy left.

“Daddy going to see God and Jesus?” Bubbers asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered, “He will feel them.”

“Daddy going to touch God and Jesus?!?” he said excitedly, “Going to feel God and Jesus?  Daddy going to feel God and Jesus?!”


The next morning, when he woke up and I got him out of his crib and I told him Daddy was here:

“Daddy’s here?!?” he cried out, “Daddy’s not gone?!  Daddy’s not gone temple?!?”


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Two weeks ago, on the phone telling Daddy the story of how he’d called Daddy at work earlier, but nobody answered:

“I said, “Daddy, you dere?…  Daddy?…  You dere?…  You dere?”  And Daddy wasn’t answering,” Bubbers explained dramatically.

“I wasn’t answering?” Daddy asked sympathetically.

“No, only just Bubbers,” he answered.


At various times throughout the last seven weeks, when Snuggles starts crying:

“He’s got gas!…  Poo-poo’s… He’s got poo-poo’s.”

“He’s hungry!…  He’s tired!…  He’s okay?”


At various times throughout the last seven weeks, when he enters a room and sees his little brother:

“He’s awake?!?…  Hi, Snuggles!!!…  Hi!!…  Hi, Snuggles!!”


Last week, after throwing a piece of his upstairs train set and losing all train-playing privileges for the day:

“Clean up dis train, play with Thomas once?… Play with Thomas one time, please?”

[Which really sounded like this: “Kean up dis train, pay with Thomas once?…  Pay with Thomas one time, pease?”]


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Last week, pulling out the full-blown negotiator skills:

“Go outside first, change your diaper after.  Okay, Mommy?…  Go outside first, then you change your… my diaper after.”


Last week, when Snuggles suddenly woke up and needed to eat when we were planning to go outside:

“Feed Snuggles outside?  Go outside first.  Pick cherries first.”


Last week, after opening his picture of the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 Apostles and unexpectedly seeing a picture of the Salt Lake Temple inside:

“That’s the temple, Mommy!!” he cried out, “Where Mommy and Daddy live?!”

“Yes, that’s the Salt Lake Temple!” I smiled, “That’s where Mommy and Daddy got married.”  :):)


Last week, after a futile (and brief) search for his step stool:

“It’s gone,” he reported with disappointment, “Somebody else taked it.”


Last week, laying on the carpet with a pillow and blanket:

“Are you tired?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered, “Just like Daddy.”

“Is Daddy tired?” I laughed.

“Noooo!” he answered with a grin, “He’s at work!”


Last week, peeking at the clothes inside the agitating washing machine:

“They’re swimming!!”


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Yesterday, while changing into his church clothes right before his nap:

“I’m not tired?!” he cried out, looking down at his new clothes, “I can go to church?!”


This morning in the bathroom:

“I have toes today?!…  I’m happy.”


Later this morning in the bathroom:

“Hewp!  Hewp clean up my toys!…..  I made a big mess.”


Today, while running around a tower fan during our heat wave:

“I like dis.   I like cold fans today.”


Today, while looking at a sticker from the fire department:

“The dog has a hat?!…  Dat’s funny.”


Right now, seeing me put the final touches on this post:

“Dat’s me! Dat’s me outside!” he cried out, “See it? See yourself?”

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  1. Just so adorable, how I miss having little year olds around, they are so much fun and I love how their little mind is always busy.

  2. Loved reading all his cute sayings. It’s great that you are recording and saving them.

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