Tip for the Day: Be explicit

“Mommy?” the Wooga man said sweetly, “More trail mix, please? Pleeeease?”

I glanced down at his little bowl of trail mix sitting on the floor and laughed.

“You still need to eat the nuts and raisins,” I said, “It doesn’t count to just eat all the M&M’s. You can have more trail mix when your bowl is empty.”

He watched me silently and then turned quickly back toward his bowl and almost tipped it over.

“Please be careful not to dump it out,” I cautioned politely, hoping to keep my newly swept floor clean.

The Wooga man carefully sat down next to his bowl and reached in for a peanut.

“Good job, Littles,” I said, impressed that he was really going to eat all the non-M&M’s by himself and I went back to doing the dishes with a happy smile on my face.

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“Mommy?” a sweet voice said after a few quiet minutes.

“Yes, Littles?” I replied.

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“More trail mix, please? Pleeeeease?”

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His bowl was empty.

(And he’d been very careful not to dump it out).

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What on earth is a mom to do?

4 thoughts on “Tip for the Day: Be explicit

  1. Which is exactly how I find myself making up really weird rules in our house like “In our house we do not poop in the garbage can, on the floor, on your brother or in the neighbor’s yard. We do not make toilets. We only poop in the real TOILET.” And then I’ll sigh and Jase will say “I can’t believe that just came out of your mouth.”

  2. heehee! Gotta love toddler reasoning (or lack thereof!) ;) And I totally agree w/ Charlotte’s comment – I’ve had to make up some really odd rules at our house too…never a dull moment!

  3. Oh mom, how can you not give him more mix…. how do you say “no” to that cute face?

  4. Sorry, he’s so cute– but he wouldn’t have gotten more trail mix at this house until the nuts and raisins were eaten!

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