Tales from a stroller

There’s something I must warn you about.

If you ever happen to be walking by, and you decide to stop and peek inside the stroller of Sir Snuggles, you must be prepared.

Because he will tell you the most heart wrenching stories you’ve ever heard.

And then he’ll draw you in with those eyes of his.

And you’ll be a goner.

A complete and absolute goner.

Don’t believe me?


Just follow me…..

PICT0108 edited

Hi there, Sir Snuggles, how are you doing?

PICT0120 edited

Uh-oh, what’s wrong?

PICT0126 edited

Oh golly, that’s too bad.

PICT0125 edited

Gee, I’m sorry…..

Wait a minute, what was that you just said?

PICT0117 edited

You want me to the give you the world?

PICT0118 edited


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