Is it possible?…

PICT0109 edited

….. To be baby hungry,

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When I already have a baby??

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Because that’s what looking at this little guy does to me.

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All I want to do is hold him all day long.

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And pinch myself to know he’s really mine.

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And then there’s this little guy!

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Who makes me toddler hungry.

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Holy smokes,

PICT0203 edited

What a sweet little guy!

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7 thoughts on “Is it possible?…

  1. These are amazing, precious photos Heidi! Your boys are adorable… thank you so much for having us over yesterday to see you all and meet Sir Snuggles :) He is just the sweetest baby… and so content and happy, I could tell. Erin came across your blog and I didn’t even know you had one! I was wondering where all of your photos were on facebook ~~ they’re here! I can’t wait to have you three over next week. Have a wonderful weekend :) love, Kim

  2. Yes, it’s possible! I get that with my kids all the time. They are just so cute that I want to grab them and snuggle with them! Sometimes I want to do that with other people’s kids too becaue I love kids so much, but I don’t want to weird anyone out… hehehehe.

  3. Your photos are beautiful I love seeing Sir Snuggles and also seeing bubbers with him, they are just so lovable.
    Hope all is going well for you.

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