There’s no way!!… Is there??

June 6th, 2009

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There’s no way Bubbers used to fit in these newborn diapers!….. Is there??

I mean, hasn’t he always worn size 5 diapers??

I swear that’s how it feels…..

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“Hm?….. What did you say, Mom?”

I said there’s no way you used to be a little tiny baby. Haven’t you always been my big boy?

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“I don’t know, Mom…..”

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“Let me see if I remember being a baby and wearing this…..”

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“Oh look! There’s an “N”. That probably means something, right Mom?”

Yes!  “N” means, “No! ….. No, Bubbers was never a little tiny baby and has always been my big boy.”

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“Well! There you have it, Mom! The mystery is solved.”

Oh, that’s great! Thank you, Son!


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….. Son?

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“Yes, Mom?”

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Watcha doin’, Cutie Pie?

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“Nothing! Just being your big boy!”

Ohhh, thank you, Son!

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