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I’ve been thinking about this gal a lot lately.

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Her name is Alycia (formerly known as “Preston’s Mom“).

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And this was the day we took our sons to the pumpkin farm last fall.

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It was also the day she told me she was pregnant!

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And due the exact same day as me (and also with a boy, which we found out later!!).

Can you believe that?!?

So, as our gestational times come to an end, I’ve been thinking back to this day that feels so long ago…..

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When the boys hung out in their strollers after exploring the farm.

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With cute, crumb laden faces.

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And Alycia asked me to pose as she took pictures with her new camera and made me forget about my nausea and fatigue.

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And we laughed like teenagers as I borrowed her jacket and hat.

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And now we’ve got full-term babies in our bellies.

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And the hours are quickly ticking by.

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To when our lives will drastically change.

Good luck, Alycia!

You are in our prayers and we hope all goes well for you and your new little guy!


Heidi, Charming, Bubbers and Baby

Pictures by: Heidi and Alycia

3 thoughts on “Alycia

  1. These pictures are amazing! You both look beautiful! How exciting that your little guys will be so close in age. I hope you are doing okay, Heidi! The big day will be here soon…call me if you need anything!

  2. I love these pictures. Thinking about you (next week for sure!). It is so close!

    Hopefully, the change won’t be too drastic.

    Lots of love to you guys!

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