Thank you!! (by the Bubbers King & Sir Snuggles)

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Okay, Sir Snuggles, are you ready for your debut performance?

Don’t worry, I’m an old hat at this and I’ll be here to help you through the whole thing.

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Everything’s in position, so we’ll start shooting in 3, 2, 1…..

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That wasn’t quite the expression of gratitude I was looking for…

Could we try again, Mom?

(Sure, Son, no problem!)

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Aww, that was great!

So snuggly and cute.

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People will definitely see gratitude in such a sweet, serene face.

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Now you just rest and recuperate after that taxing photo shoot, okay?

Sleep tight, little Snuggles.

p.s.  Thank you so much to our wonderful family, friends and neighbors who have made the arrival of Sir Snuggles and the subsequent adjustment and recovery period easier with your incredibly thoughtful and generous service, gifts, meals, visits, emails and calls.

We feel so blessed. 

Thank you!!

With Sincere Love,

Heidi, Charming, Bubbers and Snuggles