Popcorn Trees!

May 29th, 2009

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When spring began in earnest last month, I excitedly told the Bubbers King that there were “popcorn trees” outside.

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Pah-corn trees?!?” he repeated in amazement.

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He was understandably skeptical, but I nodded my head and said, “Yes!  There are popcorn trees outside and we’re going to find them!”

So we went out back and I said, “Do you see one? Where’s the popcorn tree?”

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“Right dere!!!” he eagerly answered.

“That’s right!!” I replied with a smile.

Then after a moment I asked, “Do you want to walk out front and see more popcorn trees?”

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More pah-corn trees?!” he repeated as he followed me to our front yard.

“Yep!” I replied, “Do you see any?  Where are they?”

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“Right dere!!!!” he excitedly answered.

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“That’s right!!” I smiled, “Aren’t they beautiful!”

“Yes!” he answered as we walked down our street lined with popcorn trees on both sides.

I breathed in the sweet aroma of blossoms and sighed with contentment.

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Nothing brightens up the world quite like popcorn does.

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