Two pretty ladies (by the Bubbers King)

Hi Everyone!

It’s the Bubbers King here. :)

Sorry it’s been quiet here on my Mom’s blog lately– we’ve been busy with some unexpected house guests that we really enjoyed…..

PICT0156 edited

….. Named Sarah and Becca.

They are ballroom dancers from Southern Utah University and we hosted them while they were in town doing a show.

PICT0158 edited

And I have to admit, I didn’t mind waking up to find two pretty ladies in my house.

PICT0003 edited

And my Mom didn’t mind using her complimentary hostess ticket to go see their foofy romantic show with a friend (since Daddy had to study).

She hadn’t seen live ballroom dancing since she was at BYU eight years ago and boy did she love it!

PICT0061 edited

She loved the flowy, feminine gowns.

PICT0025 edited

And the elegant solos that reminded her of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

PICT0095 edited

She also loved keeping an eye out for “her girls”.  Like beautiful Sarah in the middle of this group.

PICT0051 edited

Who had a really graceful solo.

PICT0054 edited

With very romantic poses.

(Hmm….. I don’t know, Mom. It looks to me like he’s trying to squish her, but if you say it’s romantic, I’ll take your word for it).

PICT0055 edited

And Mom’s heart really went out to beautiful Becca.

Who accidentally got kicked in the head during one number and got a terrible migraine.

But then came right back out and got thrown in the air in one number.

PICT0118 edited

Tossed around by Zorro in another.

PICT0088 edited

And then held by her neck in another!

Poor Becca– we hope you feel better soon!

Thank you to you both for coming to stay with us.

We had a lot of fun and wish you luck with the rest of your tour!


The Bubbers King

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  1. I love watching anybody that dances.. The pictures are wonderful.

  2. I didn’t know SUU did shows all the way up there. Thats my alma mater you know. I wonder if I know those girl’s families? Probably not. Looks like a fun show!

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