Priceless quotes from an observant little boy

Driving around with my family during our recent trip

While looking out the van windows at the surrounding scenery and houses, Bubbers casually asked me, “Jesus made houses?”

Surprised, I paused and then answered, “Yes, Jesus made the things we use to build houses.”

Bubbers listened, nodded and concluded with finality, “Jesus made houses.”

A lazy night at home

My husband is the Ward Mission Leader for our church and our awesome new missionaries often stop by to see him, but don’t always give us notice beforehand.

One such visit occurred after I’d already “dressed down” for the evening in my wonderfully baggy pajamas and wasn’t planning on seeing anyone besides my husband and son.

So when I glanced out the living room window and saw the Elder missionaries briskly walking up our sidewalk, I exclaimed, “The Elders are here!” and promptly hefted myself upstairs and out of sight as fast as possible.

Once I was safely hidden, Charming answered the door and welcomed the Elders inside.

And as soon as they sat down, Bubbers excitedly told them in his exceptionally clear voice that rang throughout the whole house, “Mommy run upstairs!!  Zoom!!

I froze in disbelief.

“Yes,” Charming said calmly, “Mommy is upstairs.”

Silence settled and I hoped my husband’s nonchalant response would satisfy my son.


It didn’t.

And his voice rose with even more excitement as he exclaimed for the whole world to hear, “Mommy said, “Elders here!”, run upstairs!!!”

During Sacrament meeting at church yesterday

While the sacramental bread was being passed to the congregation, Charming silently bowed his head, closed his eyes and said a private prayer.

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and sat up.

Bubbers smiled at his Daddy and with great excitement that echoed throughout the chapel exclaimed, “Daddy woke up?!?!”

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9 thoughts on “Priceless quotes from an observant little boy

  1. My most embarrassing moments are one when my little ones would repeat something that I said that was not meant to be shared. He tells jokes and sounds like he is going to be a comedian. So cute.

  2. those are great..I especially like the one where you ran upstairs! Elora always says things like, “If I eat lots of fruit, Jesus will make me grow”, or, “If I excercise, Jesus will make me strong.” So funny.

  3. Completely priceless comments, even if they can be slightly embarrassing at times. Love it!!

  4. I love the missionary story! That’s hilarious! And I pretty much dress down all the time unless I have to go somewhere… yeah, I’m barely into the second tri & I’m already that bad!

  5. “Zoom!” lol love that story!! Those are priceless – thanks for sharing his cuteness with us. :) Matthew also spoke with a very clear voice at a young age – and that can always lead to “interesting” conversations! ;)

  6. “Out of the mouth of babes!” So many wonderful, funny and embarrassing memories! It is so great to capture them and write them down so you never forget them! Get ready, this is just the beginning! tee hee hee ~;o)

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