My Trip, Part 4 (by the Bubbers King)

Hello Everyone!

I’d like to tell you about the day of my Great-Grandmother’s funeral.

It was a long, hard day for Mommy and I, but we were grateful to be there.

Mommy told me I was a real trouper.

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And I told Mommy she was a real trouper, too, for carrying me around the whole day because I was so tired and wanted lots of holding from my Mom.

(Consequently, she made the very painful realization that high heels and one pair of feet are not meant to support three people at the same time for hours on end.  Ouch!!)

PICT0084 edited and name fixed

One of the treasured and special moments of the day was when I got to see my Great-Grandma in a quiet room at the church.

Mommy was touched by how sweet and tender I was toward her.

And how I seemed to instinctively understand what had happened to her and that she was with God.

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Throughout the day, I also got to meet my Grandma’s siblings.

They were sad to say goodbye to their Mother, but happy that she no longer suffered with Alzheimer’s or missed their Father who was already with God.

PICT0090 edited

And even though it was only for a little while, Mommy really enjoyed seeing another sister and brother who were able to come.

PICT0078 edited

She also really enjoyed seeing this.

Me and my cousin, Makayla.

PICT0079 edited

Makayla was so sweet and always wanted to be with me and tried to entertain me when I’d let her.

It was a great help to my Mom, who thinks Makayla is going to be a phenomenal mother someday.

PICT0081 edited

And I listened very carefully to my Mommy and didn’t step on people’s headstones.


She didn’t say anything about not touching them with my tie.

PICT0082 edited and fixed

So I figured it was okay.

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9 thoughts on “My Trip, Part 4 (by the Bubbers King)

  1. Beautiful pictures, Heidi. I’m glad you were able to make the trip. Your poor feet! You definitely deserve a pedicure! ;)

    That last picture of Bubbers touching the headstone with his tie is adorable! I bet he recognized the temple engraved on it. :)

  2. Maybe Bubbers was just polishing the headstone! I am amazed that you can still wear high heels at all!

  3. This is lovely Heidi, what a great memory to have of your grandma.
    Bubbers is just so adorable rubbing the tombstone with his tie.

  4. I loved that last photo! So funny. Sorry about your grandmother, I hope you and your family are doing well!

  5. I’m glad you were able to go to the funeral! It looks like it was a wonderful, peaceful day for you guys! PS> You look fab in cobalt blue!!

  6. Looks like it was a nice service. I’ve been to three grandparents’ funerals so far, and while its a little sad its nice to see family and have some closure.

  7. That was absolutely beautiful, thank you. I’d love copies of some of those pictures, dear.

  8. Heidi, it was great to see you at the funeral. Bubbers was a highlight of the funeral for me. He also had the funeral audience cracking up with his adorable talking. When I returned home I told my family all the cute things he said. Sure love you!

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