Reflections of Christ

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Words can’t express how I feel when I look at these pictures.

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All I know is that I love them.

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And they make me feel closer to Him.

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So if they ever come to where you live, go and visit them.

And invite your friends and neighbors to come with you.

p.s.  I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to take pictures inside the exhibit until my husband told me afterward there was a big sign at the entrance that said, “No cameras.”

So, I emailed Mark Mabry (the incredibly talented photographer who took the exhibit pictures) and asked his permission to post my pictures on my blog and he very generously gave it.  Thank you, Brother Mabry!!

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p.p.s. My sincere apologies to those in the exhibit at the same time as my adorable Bubbers monster who ran around with great excitement, singing “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” to my friend, ring-leading her kids into a wild goose chase, and giving high-fives to the Elder missionaries.  Alas, the removal of his loud sandals and the temptation of silence-inducing animal crackers did not slow him down one bit!

But before the silly goose in him came out, I could tell he was touched by the Spirit of the exhibit and pictures of our Savior.  And afterward, he sat on my lap and attentively watched the entire slide show and documentary video in the chapel, so it was definitely worth the times of craziness to give us this experience.

(And when it comes back to our Stake, I will schedule two visits: one with kids and one without).  :)

Popcorn Trees!

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When spring began in earnest last month, I excitedly told the Bubbers King that there were “popcorn trees” outside.

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Pah-corn trees?!?” he repeated in amazement.

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He was understandably skeptical, but I nodded my head and said, “Yes!  There are popcorn trees outside and we’re going to find them!”

So we went out back and I said, “Do you see one? Where’s the popcorn tree?”

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“Right dere!!!” he eagerly answered.

“That’s right!!” I replied with a smile.

Then after a moment I asked, “Do you want to walk out front and see more popcorn trees?”

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More pah-corn trees?!” he repeated as he followed me to our front yard.

“Yep!” I replied, “Do you see any?  Where are they?”

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“Right dere!!!!” he excitedly answered.

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“That’s right!!” I smiled, “Aren’t they beautiful!”

“Yes!” he answered as we walked down our street lined with popcorn trees on both sides.

I breathed in the sweet aroma of blossoms and sighed with contentment.

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Nothing brightens up the world quite like popcorn does.

A Picnic and Farewell (by the Bubbers King)

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Okay, Flat Stanley, it’s time for our picnic!!

Are you ready?

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“Um, I think so….. Will I be getting buried again?”

Ha, ha!

No, don’t worry, I never bury anyone during picnics.

First off…..

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….. We start with drinks!

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How was that?  Did you like it?

“Oh, yes, Bubbers, thank you!”


Now we have…..

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….. A piece of watermelon!

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[And deliciously chubby Wooga fingers– Yum!!]

“Oh, thank you, Bubbers!  That was very good.”

You’re welcome!  I’m so glad you liked it!

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Well, that’s it for our picnic!

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Now it’s time to say, “Farewell!” and mail Flat Stanley to a family member in another state.

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Bye, bye, Stanley!

Thank you for coming to our house and being such a great friend and playmate!

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And thank you everyone, for reading about our adventures together!

I hope you enjoyed them!


The Bubbers King

Regaining My Trust

Have you ever lost your trust in something and had a really hard time regaining that trust?

That happened to me in a really bad way…..

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….. with this car.

When we first bought it, it worked great and we loved it.

But then, it started to randomly shut off while you were driving it.

Have you ever had a car randomly shut off while you were driving it?

I sure as hoot hadn’t and I didn’t like it at all.

Because the last thing a pregnant mother of a toddler needs is to be driving in freeway traffic in the dark, pouring rain and have her car shut off in the carpool lane with no shoulder.

But that’s what happened to me.

Except it didn’t shut off just once– it shut off three times!!

After that, I refused to drive it on the freeway and only drove it near our house.  And I got really good at predicting when it would die on me.

I drove with my eyes glued to the dashboard and whenever the rpm’s plummeted to zero, I knew it was all over and I’d pull off the road and start her up again.

We took her to multiple mechanics, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

They’d do their best, we’d pay the bill, and then it would die on me during the drive home.

And for some odd reason, it would always die on me, but it would rarely die on Charming.  Which gave me a horrible complex.

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So that every time I climbed into the driver’s seat, my heart rate increased and my palms got sweaty.

And I was constantly choosing where to drive based on the availability of a place to pull over, because I knew it could die on me at any time.

But the straw that broke my back happened about three weeks ago.

I was changing lanes outside Babies R Us and it died on me.

And not only did I lose my power, but I lost my power steering and brakes.

I didn’t even know it had died until I tried to use my brakes and they weren’t there.

And somewhere between that realization and the moment I almost hit the car in front of me, I decided that was it.

That was it.

It had to be fixed or I would never drive it again.

And after bawling on the phone to my sweet Prince Charming, he came and switched cars with me.

And he took it to another mechanic who promised they could fix it.

And after two frustrating tries, they finally did.

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We’re going on two-and-a-half weeks without a single break down.

And I’m finally ready to post about it and not feel like I’m jinxing it.

My heart still jumps when I feel a drop in rpm’s, but I finally trust that it won’t go down to zero anymore.

I finally trust that she will catch the drop and hold it where it’s supposed to be.

So I’m free to just drive and not worry.

And it’s a wonderful feeling.

Because now I don’t have to worry about the little guy in my belly.

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Or the little guy in the back seat.

Thank you, Mr. Mechanics.

And thank you, Heavenly Father, for answering our months of prayers for safety and finally finding a solution.

I will never take a working car for granted again.