The Bubbers Monster strikes again…

April 12th, 2009

PICT0002 edited

Um, is it just me?…..

PICT0003 edited

Or is there something odd about this bowl of popcorn?

PICT0004 edited

I don’t think popcorn kernels are supposed to have eyes.

PICT0005 edited

Hmm, unless you happen to have a cute little Bubbers Monster running around the kitchen.

PICT0007 edited

I’m sorry, Mr. Fiat.

I’m sure he meant no offense by it.

He probably just thought you were….. hungry?

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Melissa | 4/15/2009 9:49 am

Ha! Great pictures! :) I especially like the black and white effect. Mmmmm…now I’m craving popcorn! ;)


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