Snapshot in Time: 30 Weeks Pregnant

PICT0016 edited black

When I look at this picture, I no longer wonder why…

— I need this.
— People ask me if I’m due any day now.  (Nope, still have 2 months left!!)
—  I just purchased one of these for my left knee:

PICT0002 (4) edited

— My clients (sweet, innocent, honest children that they are) never fail to eye my belly each and every week and exclaim, “Wow, your baby’s getting really big!

— I can barely get off the floor, couch or bed without help.

— I wheeze like I’ve run a marathon when I carry both of my sons up and down the stairs.

— I outgrew over half of my maternity clothes before reaching the third trimester.

— I’ve started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and ankles.

— I feel huge.

Does he have a name, yet?

Maybe.  It depends on who you ask. :)

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10 thoughts on “Snapshot in Time: 30 Weeks Pregnant

  1. WOW! You did Pop out, but hey, that’s what to be expected right!?! Plus, we haven’t seen a belly shot of you in a while. Grow baby, grow! Sometimes I think I should be wearing the belly bra too! :o)
    Congrats on the growth! Do you not tell what you’re naming the baby till you’ve had him? That’s what we do….

  2. You look good! It looks like you’re only gaining weight in your belly- you’re not puffy!!! When I’m pregnant, people think I’m about 6 weeks ahead of schedule too!! Good luck with the next 8 weeks!

  3. You look fabulous! Exactly how you SHOULD look at 30 weeks. People are just brainwashed from seeing all the women in maternity ads who are always right around 6 months, never more. Besides, your arms and legs are still tiny – you’re all belly:) And I always outgrow my maternity clothes by the end too… seriously by the time I give birth I’m down to two pairs of track pants (code for sweats) and some really tent-like t-shirts. I’ll only squeeze myself into maternity jeans for a particularly special ocassion and then i can’t wait to get out of them. Hang in there, you’re doing great!

  4. You do look great! :) Sorry to hear about your knee though. :( Glad you’ve been able to get help from the knee brace and the belly bra though. And I hear you on the stairs thing – when I was prego w/ Matt we lived up three flights of stairs. By my third tri I usually had to stop and take a breather halfway up. At least you only have to use your hands for ONE of your boys right now! :)

  5. You look absolutely stunning! There is nothing more beautiful than an expectant mommy with a belly full of love! ~;o)

  6. you look great. Time sure does fly with later pregnancies, doesn’t it? I was just working on my 24 week post.
    People have started asking me regularly when I’m due too, and I say August and they always seem a bit suprised.
    Sorry about all the aches and pains! I was that way with Elora, just really tired with this one. Hang in there!

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