Two memorable conversations yesterday…

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Conversation #1:

“We need to put sunscreen on before we go to the park,” I explained to my son as I lathered his arms and then his face, “Because the sun is really hot. And it can burn you….. like a tater tot!

Tater tot?!?” he exclaimed without missing a beat, “That’s silly!!


Conversation #2:

“Thank you for being our son,” I said quietly as I looked at our dear Little Man through the bars of his crib at bedtime, “Thank you for coming to our family.”

His sweet eyes met mine as he listened with a peaceful smile on his face.

I reached through the bars and held onto his little hand poking out from his covers.

“I’m so grateful that we can be a family for forever,” I continued, “That you can be our son for forever.”

His eyes never left mine as he replied, “Family forever.”

“That’s right,” I said, “We can be a family for forever.”

His little hand squeezed mine as he eagerly replied, “Bubbers… Mommy… Daddy… forever!

I smiled with my heart in my throat and squeezed back, “Yes!  That’s exactly right.”

4 thoughts on “Two memorable conversations yesterday…

  1. You’re so nice to share this sweet moment… I miss being around my little ones just because of these wonderful teaching moments. Thank you for sharing.

  2. “Tater Tot”! Love it! :)

    Thanks for sharing these with us…that last one made a little teary. I’m sure that years from now stories like these that you’ve written down will be more precious than gold – for you AND your family!

    And thanks for the reminder that it’s important to tell our children things like this, even when they’re young! :)

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