Our Little Musician

My favorite things about this video:

  • His adorable enthusiasm
  • His cute little voice
  • How he plays “silent” slides off the harmonica
  • That his Daddy taught him how to play
  • How much he loves to see himself on the video camera screen (and what a funny, unpredictable ham he becomes!)
  • How carefully he puts the harmonica away
  • How I ask him to play after he’s so carefully put it in its case
  • His sweet requests to “See self” after I close the video camera screen
  • His dear wave and “Love you”
  • That he knows his Daddy is coming home after a business trip out of town :):)

p.s. Thank you for the harmonica, Papa and gg!  We all love it.

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8 thoughts on “Our Little Musician

  1. where did they get the harmonica? Carson is dying to have one, and I haven’t found a good one yet?? If you could find out that would be great since we have a birthday coming up in the summer for him. He would just be ecstatic if we got him one.
    Super cute video of your little guy. He just makes me laugh so much. Silly guy!

  2. Austin watched this video with me and I may just have to find him his own harmonica. He thought it was so funny. And I’ve decided that’s the downside to cameras these days – they get to this age and they always want to see themselves but don’t understand there’s nothing to see until after they DO something for the camera. I have far fewer pictures now than I did when he was a baby!

  3. SO SO CUTE! I love those “slides” too! What a fun little guy he must be. :)

    And know what else I noticed? How QUIET your house is!! I love my three children dearly, but oh how I miss those quieter days sometimes… ;)

  4. How cute! These little boys sure do like the camera, don’t they? My kids always have had a hard time with harmonicas…maybe because the only ones they’ve played are cheap and don’t work very well?

  5. Looks like Bubbers plays the Harmonica by ear, must have gotten that from Daddy! He seems to really enjoy being on camera, which is a good thing being in your family! :-) Cute stuff.

  6. Hey Melissa! I asked my mother-in-law and she couldn’t remember where she got it. :( I’m sorry!

    And I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! We watch it regularly and laugh, too. :)

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