I’m wearing a belly bra…

March 19th, 2009

….. And I feel like a new woman!

But first, let me back up and give some history.

For the past few months of my pregnancy, I’ve been experiencing pelvic muscle pain.

Which means every time I walk or use my legs, it hurts.

But it’s not a sharp, searing pain.

Just a dull, achy pain.

This same thing happened during the last trimester of my pregnancy with the Bubbers King, so I recognized the symptoms.

But then over the last couple of weeks, the pain intensified.

And multiplied.

And spread.

And before I knew it, every muscle and joint from my belly button to my knees hurt.

And it never went away.

I went to bed hurting and I woke up hurting.

But now it was more than a dull ache.

It was getting sharper and sharper.

And then I started limping.

Like an 85-year-old woman with arthritis.

This has got to stop, I finally told myself.

There’s no way I can keep going like this for three more months.

So I got to thinking.

And then I called my husband.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, “I’d like to try getting a maternity belt.”

He paused.

“You mean a belly bra?!?” he exclaimed and then burst out laughing.

I was silent for a moment and then finally replied, “Well, yeah, I guess so…..”

He was still laughing.

“So, is it okay with you if I get one?” I smiled.

Trying to contain the amusement in his voice, he answered, “Sure, just call and ask the doctor first.”

“Okay, I will.”

Then we said goodbye and hung up.

I immediately put in a call to my doctor, but he was out for the rest of the afternoon delivering a baby.

“I’ll have him call you tomorrow,” the secretary said and we hung up.

I limped around all the next day, eagerly awaiting his return phone call.

Finally, at 9:15 pm that night, my phone rang.

And it was him.

“I’m in a lot of pain,” I explained, “So I wanted to find out your opinion on maternity belts.”

“They can definitely help,” he said, “I recommend the Prenatal Cradle and if you’d like, I can call in a prescription for one so they can bill your insurance.”

“Really?!” I replied, “That would be great!”

So he called it in.

And I picked it up today.

I put it on as soon as I got home.

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And it’s not likely I’ll ever take it off again.

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charlotte | 3/20/2009 5:37 am

Congratulations! I had no idea you were in such pain – I’m glad the belly bra is helping. I love Dr. B!!

Jesse | 3/20/2009 7:08 am

Yeah, glad it is helping you feel more comfortable!

Starwoodgal | 3/20/2009 7:18 am

okay, where was this when I was lugging around a 10 lb. baby?

Glad you found something that helps.

Emily Nedry | 3/20/2009 8:11 am

I’m so happy it is helping and you are feeling better! I felt bad with you moving around so gingerly at playgroup!

Melissa | 3/20/2009 12:09 pm

You poor thing! :( I didn’t know you were having so much pain either! But I’m SO glad you found something that helps! I’m glad they were able to bill your insurance too – if I remember correctly, those things aren’t cheap! I had painful circulation problems w/ my last two pregnancies, so my Dr. gave me an Rx for maternity compression stockings – made a world of difference!

tearese | 3/20/2009 4:20 pm

I had that problem when pregnant with Elora, I was always sore and out of joint or something. I wish I’d have known that that was a solution then! I haven’t had to deal with it with these last two pregnancies though, thank goodness.
Glad you found something that helps!

Kara | 3/22/2009 9:48 am

I bought a different maternity belt when I was pregnant with Isaac. My problem was ligament pain. I’m glad it seems to be working for you! That one looks much nicer than the one I got. I didn’t know insurance could pay for it, or I might have gotten one a little nicer!

Kim D. | 3/23/2009 12:47 pm

Hey!! That is great…never heard it called a belly bra though, that is way cute!!! You guys always seem to crack me up!!! :) Hope you are feeling better!


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